>> becky's 40th birthday

One of my dearest friends recently turned 40, and I've never had so much fun celebrating someone! 

I got to help plan a surprise party for her, which was not easy to pull off. Becky can't stand not being "in the know," so she was grilling people left and right once she caught wind that something was being planned for her.

My friend Chrissy and I first took Becky to eat at Chuy's. Becky's family from out of town was supposed to meet us there and surprise Becky, but snow was in the forecast and they didn't get to travel down. I was super disappointed that didn't work out, but we got to tell Becky at the restaurant that our big surprise fell through. We told her we were going to take her and her family bowling after we ate, and since the owners of the bowling alley were already expecting us, we would still go - just the three of us.

This is where the party was waiting for Becky, and I truly believe she had no idea until she walked into that party room.

Yes, Chrissy and I made Becky wear a silly birthday hat and flashing "I'm 40" pin. At this party, there were also supposed to be more people from out of town--old friends of Becky's that she hadn't seen in a long time. Unfortunately, the weather kept them away as well, but I'm so thankful for all the ladies that were able to come. 

We had a blast bowling, and best of all, I think Becky felt really special. 

This party took place almost two weeks before Becky's actual birthday. On the day of, we had another little girls' night out, this time a party at a local crafting venue called Junque 2 Jewels. We got to choose between making a stacked cross, Easter door hanger or stenciled picture frame. Seriously, the best GNO idea ever.

I can't explain how blessed I am by these friendships in my life. It may have taken almost 30 years for me to find out what true friendship is, but it was worth the wait. These ladies keep each other encouraged, pray for each other, trust one another, are not jealous and laugh, laugh, laugh.

I can't get enough.