Kansas City

We recently had our 3rd annual trip to Kansas City, and it made for an awesome weekend! We got to see the Royals play the Rangers (which has been Leslie's favorite baseball team most of his life). The weather was the best we've had so far, and we got to see each team win a game. Certain traditions stayed alive, such as eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel Sunday morning.

Here are a few pics from our trip:


Excitement & Blessings

Today I feel very blessed and excited! So many things to be excited about and to look forward to.

I'm starting a fiction series that will be published in Peekaboo...WHAT!! That is something I've always dreamed of but seriously never believed it would actually happen. It's basically a quirky babysitter's diary and stories about the crazy kids she watches. At the end of each story will be a babysitter's tip. Thank you Lord, for these blessings you keep placing in my life.

That is the most exciting thing going on right now in my life, but I've also been finding myself dreaming about things of the future. Or at least things that have always been something of the future, but are getting closer and closer to being reality. Like being a home-owner and going house hunting with Leslie. I'm also quite shocked at how often I think about being a mom. I never knew how it would feel to transition into the whole "being ready" for kids thing, but I can feel it happening to me. And it's neat. I already have two girls names picked out! I have one boy name that Leslie and I both like, but don't know if it's finalized or not.

I tried on my wedding dress last night, and was ecstatic that it still fit exactly like it did 3 years ago! I don't know how Leslie and I will celebrate our anniversary next month, but I'm looking forward to it.

Kansas City trip in one week! I'll keep ya posted. ;-)


First Blog!

So it just hit me a few hours ago...while on hiatus from MDO, what better way to spend my Summer than to start a blog! I used to xanga, but apparently that is so 2001...

I feel like I got a new lease on life today! Let me start at the beginning. A while back, and for various reasons, I decided to get my thyroid tested. According to my brother-in-law, who is a doctor-in-training, I display symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Although I put it off as long as I could, hoping my inability to gain weight no matter how much fat I eat would ultimately be explained by a super-fast metabolism, I finally went in and had a blood test done. Yes, they drew blood, and no, I did not faint, but yes, I was uncomfortable and wanted it to be over with as quickly as possible!

Diagnosis: Normal thyroid. (I celebrated by eating a honey bun right before bed, praying my fast metabolism wouldn't stop working overnight!)

Today I had to go back to the doctor for an echocardiogram. I have a heart murmur that my doctor could hear when he listened to my heart, so he wanted me to make sure I didn't have any structural deformities on my heart. I reluctantly put this appointment off as long as I could simply because I hate doctor visits, and of course, being shirtless in a public place. Well, today was the day...I put on the open-front gown and allowed an older nurse named Dorothy to probe, prod, and press (quite hard) on my left chest area. Ow. I asked if a mammogram was more painful. She said yes. I'm not looking forward to that. After 45 minutes or so of this, I am told to come back another day... the thing they use to get the image is not working correctly. I get a call about an hour later and go back because they found one that works. 10 minutes later, I get the news...

Diagnosis: No structural deformities on my heart. I have a murmur, but it is not life-threatening. I celebrated by popping open a can of Sam's Choice Cola and eating popcorn and tootsie roll pops.

Now that I've gotten a healthy report on my thyroid and heart, I feel like I got a new lease on life! I just want to live. Enjoy life. Be thankful more to God for all he's blessed me with. I don't deserve good health or any of the other blessings I have, but He gave them to me. God is so good, and I'm so thankful.

Thanks for reading my first post. :-)