.pumpkin patch.

Last Sunday, hubs and I went to a local pumpkin patch.

We picked a couple of pumpkins and had fun walking around talking about how awesome it will be to do such activities when we have a kid some day.

We scored a couple of greenish/gray pumpkins, a whitish/gray one, and a tiny white one.

We would've walked through the corn maze but we were saving our money for pumpkins.

It was a little warm (much to my dismay), hence the shorts on hubs and short sleeves on myself.

We had been putting our pumpkin patch visit off because the weekends have been so warm, but we finally gave in and went since Halloween is next week. The rule is you have to have all your pumpkins bought before Halloween. Well, at least that's my rule.

I'm a little excited about all the fun activities I'm getting to check off my Fall Bucket List.

So far, I've completed 5 out of 16 tasks.

Fall makes me happy. It's definitely my favorite!


.my fall craft booth.

This weekend marked my second year to participate in my small town's Fall Festival.

I shared a booth with my mom, mother-in-law and friend Brooke.

I sold dolls.

My mom sold crochet head warmers, necklaces and bracelets. She also had American Girl doll clothes.

My mother-in-law sold bibs, afghans and Santa advent calendars.

Brooke sold tutu's.

 {our booth}

It was nice to be under a big tent this year. The first two days were super windy and we would've been chasing our inventory all over the town had we not had the protection of the big tent.

Traffic was mostly light, despite a few spurts of customers. Still, it was more populated than it was last year, so that's good.

A lot of people complimented my dolls, but I only ended up selling two. I had a feeling that's about all I'd do since at a festival this small, people tend to gravitate towards items that cost $20 or less.

I can't say I blame them; I tend to be that shopper too.

I have a vague game plan for next year. Yes, I'm already thinking about next year's booth.

Even though my profit margin was small, I learned a lot. Mostly, I just had fun spending time with awesome ladies.

This year's festival experience left me with great memories, lessons learned, and a newfound agenda.

My passion for creating is stronger than ever and I can't wait to sew just for fun for a while and not because I'm preparing for a booth.


.sunday in the fall.

Today was wonderful. Hubs and I had planned to go to the pumpkin patch today, but it wasn't as cool as we wanted it to be for a Fall outdoor activity, so we opted to hit up a few flea markets then our local Sam's Club for a few giant pumpkins and bucket of mums.

We have a flea market in the downtown area that just moved into this old two-story building complete with cedar beams, winding staircases, and wood ceilings. The charm alone was enough for me to almost hyperventilate but there were cute booths inside to boot!


After all that thrifting fun, we headed to Sam's Club, where they have jumbo pumpkins for a little under $9 a piece. We got these to put in the front of the house for decoration. When we go to the pumpkin patch, we'll probably get smaller ones to carve.

We also picked out a huge pot of orange/red mums. My favorites.

Here Hubs and I are with the pumpkins we picked out at the club. I've determined that for me, it's all about the stem. I like the ones that are long and quirky-looking.

 It was just another one of those glorious Fall days that I live for. We had so much fun, and now we are just relaxing at home for the rest of the day.

Looking forward to our next Fall adventure!


.DIY project: fall-inspired dishtowel.

Currently, I am preparing for my booth at an upcoming Fall festival. I've been so focused on that particular inventory, I haven't really sewn just for fun in a long time.

Ever since seeing this image on Pinterest, I knew exactly what my next "quickie" sewing project would be.

{click picture to be taken to tutorial}

It was a super quick little project and it gave me my "I Wanna Sew For Fun" fix.

I knew I wanted to use orange chevron print fabric for my Fall-inspired dishtowel. Thankfully, I already had the flour sack cloth. After an unsuccessful hunt around town for the orange chevron fabric I had my heart set on, I turned to Etsy.

I bought 1/2 yard of Riley Blake Orange Medium Print Chevron fabric from Etsy seller The Sew Sweet Shoppe.

I only had to wait a couple of days for my fabric, and today I finally got to work on the towel that has been in the back of my mind for weeks.

{Tonight's dinner was Digorno's Limited Edition Bacon Blitz pizza. Totally good considering it's the frozen stuff.}

This is a picture of dinner fresh out of the oven and the pug waiting anxiously for his daddy to return home from work.

I just love how my new Fall-inspired dishtowel looks in my kitchen!

Gotta love a simple, quick sewing project that adds a nice seasonal touch to your home.


.lincoln apple festival.

I've known this day was coming for a few weeks and I've been so excited, I totally didn't get much sleep last night. What kind of adult gets that worked up for a small town apple festival??? This one! It's Fall, this is my first real activity of the season, and I'm in a complete state of bliss.

First things first on a gorgeous Autumn Sunday: church. Another good service. Today was our third visit at our "movie theater" church, and we are feeling the warm fuzzies, like the "this could very well be our church home" kind.


Right after church, we picked up my parents, filled up with gas at the station, and hit the highway.

It's really not far to Lincoln. It probably took us between 30 and 40 minutes at most to get there, if even that.

When we reached the "Welcome to Lincoln" sign that's in the shape of an apple, we knew it was gonna be a grand time.

These people are serious about their apples. It's legit.

We stopped at this combination apple restaurant/store where the featured items were obviously centered around apples.

We purchased apple cider and homemade apple butter. My parents got a few gallons of apple cider (some to give as gifts) and a couple of bags of Jonathan apples.

Next we drove to the town center where we found a bunch of food vendors and craft booths. We walked around and checked everything out, ate some good food (including free apple slices), and even ran into some friends.

I was impressed by how sweet everyone we met was. I mean, the South is known for its hospitality, so I shouldn't be so surprised. People in small towns just have a sweetness and humbleness about them that make you feel warm and cozy on the inside.

A few snapshots of our fun time:

Haha. I love my Dad's "I'm eating this apple and I'm not gonna stop just because you're taking my picture" face.

After we were satisfied with our applicious time, we got back in the car and headed through some more windy highways and small, forgotten towns until we got to my in-laws' house.

We ate dinner with them and visited for a couple of hours before heading home.

While on our way to their house, we drove by this abandoned church, and an already-awesome day was made even more amazing when we stopped and took pictures of and by the old building.

Y'all, I'm not even kidding. Today was rad. Days like this make me feel like I am living out my favorite season to its fullest.