.pumpkin patch.

Last Sunday, hubs and I went to a local pumpkin patch.

We picked a couple of pumpkins and had fun walking around talking about how awesome it will be to do such activities when we have a kid some day.

We scored a couple of greenish/gray pumpkins, a whitish/gray one, and a tiny white one.

We would've walked through the corn maze but we were saving our money for pumpkins.

It was a little warm (much to my dismay), hence the shorts on hubs and short sleeves on myself.

We had been putting our pumpkin patch visit off because the weekends have been so warm, but we finally gave in and went since Halloween is next week. The rule is you have to have all your pumpkins bought before Halloween. Well, at least that's my rule.

I'm a little excited about all the fun activities I'm getting to check off my Fall Bucket List.

So far, I've completed 5 out of 16 tasks.

Fall makes me happy. It's definitely my favorite!


  1. Love your fall pics- and all the different colored pumpkins!

  2. Beautiful Fall photos! Love the last one of you with the Sunflower- pretty :D