.simple things are the best things.

I'm not lying when I say simple things make me happier than any big event ever could. This past week was full of simple things, unexpected blessings, and just plain old happiness. Even something that could've been a sour situation turned out to be the highlight of my week.

Lemon into lemonades.

The story starts last Monday. I had a hair appointment scheduled for 10 am. After waiting for my stylist (who is never late) for over 20 minutes, I talked to her on the phone and discovered she had written my appointment down as 1 pm. She told me she could be there in an hour, so since the salon is right off the town square, I decided I'd find some fun to get into around that cute little part of town.

I got to crash my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party at the splash park. Then I realized I better eat something or I'd get dang hungry right about the time I sat down in that salon chair for my 2-hour session. As I got in my car, I racked my brain for the nearest fast food I might could grab and scarf down in a 30-minute time frame. I hate feeling rushed and/or flustered. It puts a sour taste in my mouth real fast.

This is where the lemons turned into lemonade.

A light bulb went off in my head as I realized all I really needed was right there within reach. I parked my car right around the corner from my salon and walked into a corner coffee shop of which I had yet to try anything off the lunch menu.

The cafe was quiet. It was a sunshiney day. I ordered a chicken salad sandwich, sat down all by myself in this charming old building off the square, and enjoyed a relaxing lunch.

I finished my yummy sandwich and chips just in time to walk down the bike-lined sidewalk into the salon for my hair appointment.

Instead of feeling perturbed that an extra hour had been "taken" out of my day, I felt refreshed and reflective, thankful to have experienced a lunch of solitude at a place I probably wouldn't have eaten at otherwise, but one I decided I needed to frequent more often.

Then, I got highlights.


The following Friday was my husband's last softball game of the Spring season.

Simple, unexpected blessing? Saw a rainbow on the drive to the ball fields.

Yes, it's faint. But, by george, it's there.

Husband's team, known as Glory Days, stood together for a group picture. This is priceless.


Third and final simple awesomness of the week occurred on Sunday.

First, I liked my church wear.

Second, we got some rain, which brought the temps down from the 90's to the 70's. After drought-like conditions for the past month, this cool rain was like manna from Heaven.

Hubs and I sat on his truck bed out in the driveway for a while and watched the clouds roll in, felt the breeze on our faces, and kicked our feet to the sound of the rolling thunder in the background.

The rain finally came and drove us inside, but that simple time spent outside together was a highlight of the weekend.

That night, we got to see our new solar lights in action.

It's moments like this we really take pride in our home and all the work we've put into making it cozy and welcoming.

I think every week of my life is full of little blessings, just like this one was. Maybe my problem is that I'm often too distracted to take notice and savor the simple moments for all they're worth. 

My new goal is to not only stop and smell the roses, but savor the scent. Capture it in my memory. Learn from it. And be grateful.


.independence day.

This year's celebration of the 4th was sort-of spread across the span of about four days. The Sunday before was red, white, and blue day at church. I had fun putting my ensemble together. My sandals were white. :-)

Sunday night, a big church in town put on a sweet fireworks show. We parked in a field across the way, threw a blanket in the truck bed, and enjoyed the show from afar. It was my nephew's first fireworks viewing of his life, and even though they awoke him from a dead sleep, he was only scared for a little bit then pretty much stared in captivation and wonder.

My brother's birthday is July 2nd, so we got together at his house for a BBQ on the 4th of July. We had fun eating, talking and hanging out in their back yard. Levi and my brother had matching outfits on. I swear my nephew gets cuter every time I see him!

Here is my brother's birthday cake that my sister-in-law made. Oh, so yummy!

The evening of the 4th, of course we had to see more fireworks or it just wouldn't have been right. So we headed back home to our small town and met up with some good friends to enjoy the show. The First Baptist Church hosts the extravaganza every year, complete with free hamburgers, hot dogs and homemade ice cream. Since you're allowed to sit on the field by where they shoot the fireworks, it feels like the best show we've ever seen each year we go because they explode right over your head and look so big. I'm still just like a little kid when I watch fireworks. I love them!