.cb2 love.

So I finally got on top of my game and ordered a cb2 catalog. It came today, and I fell in love! A few years ago, I remember my style was so "country," and I abhorred anything streamlined and contemporary. Something has definitely changed since then because now I wish I could decorate my whole house that way! I've been crazy about the colors gray, mustard, and orange lately. Those colors are running rampant in the newest cb2 catalog! Here are a few of my favies. If only I had the funds to re-decorate my whole house and make it ultra-mod!

grellow lamp

hatfield rocker

gray & mustard bathroom

orange sectional

theo bed linens


.a country fall day.

Today was a great day! Lots of time spent outdoors in the beautiful Fall weather, lots of time out in the country and on a farm, and lots of firsts for this girl!

My friend Loren and I had a grand ol' time at the local pumpkin patch.

I'm loving the miniature white ones!

We conquered the corn maze. It only took us 13 minutes! And it was 13 minutes of pure silliness and lots of laughter. :-)

We had lunch at a small town burger joint that looks like this on the inside, and that's why we love it. :-)

After lunch we ended up at Loren's farm where I got to ride a 4-wheeler for the first time in my life! I probably busted Loren's ear drums with all my nervous laughter and screams, but it didn't take me long to realize I LOVE riding on the back of a 4-wheeler and I can't wait to do it again!

Another first: feeding cows...and touching one!

Loren grew up a farm girl. I was one for a day. :-)

I hope this is just one Fall adventure out of many more to come!


.perks of the job.

I absolutely LOVE my job as assistant editor of our local family magazine, Peekaboo. One of the many perks of this job is the fact that each year we help sponser an event hosted by our local library called "Conversations with..." which brings a different novelist each year to our convention center for a private reception with sponsers and special guests. Since we sponser, we get tickets and autographed copies of the featured author's latest novel. At these private receptions, we get a chance to converse with these amazing writers and ask questions about their craft.

Last year I rubbed elbows with James Patterson.

This year I conversed with Carol Higgins Clark.

I was hoping next year might hold the possibility of a certain novelist named Nicholas Sparks (who just happens to be my favorite)... As I shared this wish with Kim, the editor of Peekaboo, she informed that Nicholas came in 2008... the year before I came on board...

But then I remembered... Oh yeah! That was the year I got to meet Mr. Sparks himself at our local Sam's Club. He signed my book and exchanged a few words with me before I quickly snapped a pic with him. No, pictures were not allowed at this signing, and I'm not usually one to break the rules, but I was NOT going to miss out on an opportunity to get a picture with my favie.

Nicholas and I chillin' back in 2008



Been sewing lately.

I'm sensing a trend here...