Christmas Blessing

That's right...God blessed us with our first house. Our first "real" home. We get to paint the walls, install new carpet and install hardware to the kitchen cabinets! In the Spring, we plan on planting a tree in the front yard, as well as a few in the back yard. Leslie's parents got us a really nice grill for Christmas, so we plan on having lots of friends over this Summer to grill, watch games and hang out. I absolutely can't wait to watch Simon frolic and run through the back yard harness-free! I can't wait to decorate seasonally, especially for Christmas! I can't wait to have our first child in this house and for all the numerous other memories we have to come in our new home. I am so thankful for this house, and my prayer is that God will bless it always, keep us safe there, and that we will serve Him and use our new home to bring honor and glory to Him.


White Christmas

How rare it is to have a white Christmas in Arkansas! And it looks like this might be the lucky year we get one! It's Christmas Eve, and there is a light dusting of snow on the cars and grass. It's supposed to keep falling for the next couple of hours, then stop some time over night. If I wake up tomorrow, Christmas morning, and see white...I'm going to revert back to the age of 5 and jump up and down with joy!!!!

We spent tonight with my family. We had a good dinner with lots of yummy pies for dessert, and then we opened gifts. It's so fun to watch the gift opener's face as they realized what's underneath all that tissue paper. Lots of smiles and laughter + family = blessed night.

Then we played Taboo, and this is such a fun game to play, especially when my dad is involved. He is just hilarious... We'll leave it at that. Oh, and did I mention the girls won? Because we did. :-)

I'm excited to go to sleep knowing it's snowing outside, then get up in the morning and open presents and stockings with my husband. The plan is to make the trip to Leslie's family's celebration tomorrow, so as long as the roads are clear, it's off to Nanny's! I feel especially blessed this Christmas season, not only because of the birth of my Savior, but because He died for me...a death that no one else probably would have ever endured, simply to save me from an eternity away from Him. Praise the Lord for all He has done for us!

And Merry Christmas!


Hot Yoga

Getting up at 5 am really makes the day seem long! I got up early this morning and met Kim at X-Train Fit to take a hot yoga class. Never done yoga in my life, much less "hot" yoga. Basically, you're doing regular yoga poses, the room is just really warm. I think it was about 97 degrees today. I never thought I would do as good as I did, even though, don't get me wrong -- I was definitely wobbly at times and wasn't half as flexible as most other people in class, but I did better than I expected of myself! And it was fun too! Although I've decided that if I ever take it again, I'm definitely taking a night class. It made me so relaxed and sleepy I could barely function afterwards! It took me a few hours to snap out of it and get a little energy in my bones. (The Starbucks drink also helped to do so.) :-) If I would have taken it at night, I would have gotten the best sleep of my life afterwards!!!

Oh, and in other news...I think we might have a house...?



The first flurries (I've actually seen) of the season are falling right now!! And it's cooooold. And I'm HAPPY!!


Another One Bites the Dust!

God's will was revealed today in the form of someone else getting the house. Even though it's hard to let go of something we wanted, it's easier knowing God has something else in the works for us. Now to put into practice this little thing called "patience" that we Christians are supposed to be so good at. ;-)

I am more than excited about my newest sewing project: a little girl's (age 3) sundress! I'm using all different patterned fabrics that all coordinate. I can't wait to see the finished product! My mom is helping me every chance we get, but we seem to run out of daylight awfully fast between all our trips to Hobby Lobby and Walmart. ;-)

You know, it's easy to be down about missing out on a great house, but when I take a second to think about how blessed Leslie and I are, it makes no difference that we didn't get this one house. We are way too blessed to be down. I have to remind myself that God's timing is not always our timing, but his timing is always PERFECT!


All I Want for Christmas is...God's Will

This year, Christmas could one of two things: Crazy (in a good way) or Normal (in a good way). Either way, it's good. But what would make it crazy is if we get the house that we put an offer on because we will spending the holiday packing and surrounded by boxes. Yes, we've done it again. We are very hopeful this time, but it's a foreclosure, and they are really making us wait on a final answer. They liked our offer, but won't commit to us. They are apparantly waiting to see what other kinds of offers they'll get before they settle on one. We were the first ones to make an offer on the house, and it just felt right to us, but if we end up not getting this one, it'll be another one chalked up to "It just wasn't God's will." It is getting easier and easier to leave these big things in God's hands and just trust that whatever happens is what is best for us. I can honestly say in my heart that it doesn't matter how perfect the house seems or how much I like it; if it's not the house God wants us to live in, then I don't want to live in it.

In other news, it's cold outside. It's like ice out there, yet there is no ice on the ground, nor have I seen any snow (although there were a few flurries yesterday, none of which I ever saw). What am I supposed to do when I have laundry to do??? And I mean, a lot of laundry. I have to bundle up and walk our laundry over to the community laundry room then come back, then go back to put the clothes in the dryer, then come back, then go back to get the clothes out of the dryer, then walk home. It's not fun people, let me tell you. It's not fun!



It's literally gray outside. And sooo cold. Oh, and I have a COLD. What a coincidence. ;-)

My eyes are stingy and so sleepy. My back aches. My nose is running. Am I complaining? Nope. I kinda like having a cold. It's been a while since I've had one, and it gives me an excuse to stay inside and be all snuggly while it's freezing outside!

I just hope I can pull off a professional interview today at a teen dance club in Bentonville that I am writing an article on. I'm going to have to wipe the dead-pan expression off my face that comes from being zoned out and having to breathe through my mouth.


The Christmas Bug...

I have been trying to fight it for a week or so now, that darned ol' Christmas bug. I broke down today and bought my first new Christmas decoration. It's a handpainted serving plate for the kitchen, and I have it displayed on the counter! I'll post a picture later. Now all I can think about it Christmas decorations!! I plan on deep cleaning the apartment top to bottom, then getting everything put up. I have NEVER decorated for Christmas this early! I always wait until after Thanksgiving. Oh well, it's fun! And Christmas decor is so cozy and really makes your house feel like a home. I'm excited to enjoy the holiday season for a little longer this year.


My Etsy Shoppe is Open!

You can now shop for all things vintage and ragged at Scrap Girl Shoppe! Clink the link to the right, and get to shoppin! :-)

What an exciting day!!!


Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

Fingers are crossed that I get to stay home all day tomorrow and SEW! Oh, to only have more hours in the day...

Tomorrow will be a BIG day for me because I plan on opening up my online etsy store! I am flipping over that sign from "Closed" to "Open," and I am so excited, mixed with a little trepidation. I just hope there are other people out there who love my creations as much as I do. Because when I say I love them, I mean I could keep them all -- just fold them up and stack them in a closet somewhere and save them for my "future kids" or "future grandkids" or any other random excuse I can come up with.

In the meantime, my head will be just full of ideas bursting to get out and materialize into tangible creations. It's good to be busy though, especially when you're doing something you LOVE!


Pack Rat No More

I am in the mood to clean and de-clutter! Of course, I am only blogging about it right now, but I do fully intend to get started on both as soon as I'm done!

I have recently opened up an account at The Consignory and have already made 2 trips to the place dropping off old decor and electronics that we no longer use. Already, it has cleared up so much space in our guest bedroom closet! There are still more things I need to get rid of, and lots of deep cleaning that needs to take place. I am excited to get this little place in tip-top shape! I want to take pride in my home and keep it as tidy and clean as I possibly can. Not because I'm OCD (even though I am in some ways) but because I feel it's my duty to take care of the things on this earth that the Lord blesses me with.

Not to mention, now that we have gotten rid of clutter around here, we have more room for new "things." AKA the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Every home needs one of these, truly. I can't wait to get it displayed! I just feel it's a little too early to decorate for Christmas right now. I might give it a few days. :-)



I love Fridays. Each day of the week holds something special for me for different reasons, but I consider Friday to be "my day." I am usually not scheduled to work this day, so I like to fill it with leisurely activities or things that I've been wishing I could catch up on. Today, I didn't get out of bed until I was good and ready. Now I'm blogging. Next I will eat some breakfast then take my Simon outside to watch him run and play in the BEAUTIFUL Fall sunshine. Then I'll get myself ready for the day, followed by a hair appointment, which I am particularly excited about because today begins part 2 of my committment to God to be the me He made me to be and not work so hard to appeal to the world's idea of what beautiful is.

Part one was to stop causing damage to my body by tanning, so I gave that up back in August. I had the rest of the year already paid for in tanning, but I gave it up because I woke up to the fact that I was causing so much harm to myself and my body all because I felt like being tan made me look better...but to who? Not the Lord, so I guess in a way, I was trying to appeal to "the world." I just want to learn to be comfortable in my own skin, exactly how God made me to be, fair skin and everything. Part 2, of course, is returning back to my natural hair color. I'm excited to eliminate the high payments that come with highlights every 3 months or so, and I'm also excited to give up one more thing that I did to myself that appeals to the world. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I don't look down on others who highlight or color their hair, nor do I think it's "wrong," I just decided it's simply not for me anymore. The thought of someday never having to worry about roots anymore puts an extra little skip in my step and twinkle in my eye. :-)

Anyway, back to my plans for the day. After my hair gets done, the rest of the day is open. I might clean, sew, do laundry, go shopping, work on the Peekaboo calendar or simply catch up on my DVR'd shows. The best part is, I can choose to do whatever I want, and that alone makes my day so relaxed, good and full of blessings. :-)


We Had a Vision...

...and it involved making an enormously flowing, romantic skirt out of a sheet. Loren, the master photographer, and myself, the girl who likes playing "model" about as much as a little princess likes playing dress-up, made the vision come alive. The result:


Updates and Praise

A lot has happened since my last post, but I just haven't had the motivation to blog until now. We ended up not getting the house in Centerton that we placed a bid on. It was disappointing to say the least, but obviously it was not God's plan for us. Knowing that helps so much and makes it much easier to let go of something we thought we wanted so bad. In the meantime, the house hunt continues. So far, nothing new has been listed that we are interested in, but stay tuned because you never know what's around the corner!

Today will be one of those fun, beautiful Fall days, I think. It's sunny but chilly. It's Halloween. And we are going to the Razorback game tonight! I got a new Hog hoodie and Leslie got a new Hog fleece jacket, so we are ready to represent in style! :-)

On another note, I just want to say that whenever I stop and think about how God has blessed me, I feel so overwhelmed and humbled. I know I don't deserve to have two amazing dream jobs that I love so much, but I do. I don't deserve to have free time during the week to devote to hobbies, but I do. I have a hard-working, sweet husband and a funny little pug, a little apartment that suits our needs and then some. I have a car that still starts when I turn the key and still gets me from A to B. I have a loving family that makes me happy, and we are still close no matter how far away or close we might be. There are so many blessings in my life, and I praise God for being so merciful and loving to someone like me, who doesn't deserve any of these things, much less eternal salvation, but He gave me that too.


Go, Hogs, Go!!!

Beat Ole Miss, and show Houston Nutt...We're better off without you!! :-)

Leslie and I are about to head to our friends Aaron and Sarah's house to watch the game. I've got my new Hog shirt on that I bought at the Neighborhood Market. Loves it! Ready to get excited for our team!

In other news, I finished my first flannel rag quilt last night. I figured out if I make small, todder sized ones, I can get one done in a day, that is, if I do nothing but sew all day. Not too bad! This means I just to make a few more, then ScrapGirlShoppe will be open for business! I'm so excited for my Etsy store's grand opening! I'll probably specialized in children's snuggle blankets, and I have so many ideas that I can't wait to put together!

In house news, Leslie and I put a bid on a house in Centerton. It is for sale through HUD, so we place our max bid along with however many other people do, then wait to see if we get it or not. We'll find out Monday at 1 pm. Online. Crazy!! I have so much peace knowing it's in God's hands. I've left it there, and I'm excited to see the outcome! ;-)


If You Read This...

...please pray. Leslie and I found a house that we both love. We both feel strongly that it could be "the one." It's a HUD house, so we have to put in our bid, along with whoever else decides to put one in, and HUD doesn't even look at the offers until Oct. 25th. They then either accept one or decline them all and keep it listed. We are praying that if this is the house God has for us, that our bid will the one they accept. We are also praying that the closing process will be completed before Nov. 30th so we can get the tax credit. Obviously, we are cutting it very close to the looming deadline. It's quite the nail-biter of a situation, but it's in His hands. Therefore, I have peace. I just want God's will to be done and nothing else. So if you feel so inclined to pray, we would appreciate it so much!



1. Spend daily time with God, not rushed. Quality time.

2. Sew

3. Read

4. Write

5. Plan

6. Execute dreams

7. Love


Scrap Girl Shoppe

That is the name of my new Etsy store! My plan is to make a few flannel rag quilts in advance, get them listed for sale, then keep the inventory coming. Eventually, I would like my shop to be successful enough that I could advertise it here on my blog as well as in Peekaboo magazine! I am so serious about this! I have been more motivated than ever lately to take my dreams and make them into my reality. I'm so excited for what the future holds.

Leslie's and my house hunt has hit a snag. We found a house we really like (a few, actually) but we can't put an offer in on any of them because RD loans do not have government money right now. I'm a little disappointed because with every day that goes by, we are running out of time to get the first-time home buyer's tax credit. But I actually have peace about it because I know it's God working in our lives, and if for some reason He doesn't have it in His plans for us to buy a house right now, I don't want a house. Not until it's the RIGHT house at the RIGHT time, which is HIS time. And although God's timing often doesn't line up with our timing, or when we expect something to happen, His timing is always perfect. Not my will, but His be done.

In the meantime, I feel so blessed. I have nothing to complain about! I can only sing praises to my God, and will continue to do so even when things get tough.


eBay vs. Etsy

I was a faithful eBayer for so many years, but have been a stranger to it for quite a long time. Five minutes ago, we reunited when I listed a pair of 7 jeans for sale. Why the abrupt reconnection?


It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me at all that sewing is my new hobby. AKA, my new addiction. My new want: flannel. Etsy offers me over 80 pages of flannel fabrics. Ebay offers me a way to make a little money so I can shop on Etsy.

Etsy vs. eBay? Etsy wins.


Bloggin' in my Pjs

Who does a happy dance when their hands are freezing in their own house? Me! Because it's Fall, and I'm so glad it is! Granted, it's a little colder than I think it's supposed to be...

I'm also happy because I got a new scarf today (I'm so simple to please!) and I'm almost done with my second quilt. And I can finally bake because it's not too hot outside to use the oven. And I can sleep in pj pants and longsleeves and still snuggle under the covers without getting too warm. I sleep so much better that way!

And we are taking Fall pictures at work in two days. And I love my class and my Loren.

And dreams are big right now, but my Lord is working out all the fine details so that one day, it will all come together.


Happy Birthday, Simon

My cute little Simon pug turned one today! Who would have thought that this...

...Would turn into this...

I love him to pieces, but I can't help but wonder...Is this what baby fever feels like?


Another Notch in My Belt

So, I met James Patterson.

...and got a personalized autographed copy of his newest book. No big deal, really. All in a day's work. Just one of the perks of being a WRITER. And having my DREAM JOB. Whenever I really stop and think about how God blessed me with this amazing job that I love, I am overwhelmed each time.

Leslie and I sat through an 8-hour home buyer's education class today at the Jones Center in Springdale. Long class, but interesting info. And getting to sit next to my cute husband the whole time made it so much more bearable. We mostly silently snickered and wrote notes back and forth about some of the people in our class. Their multitudes of crazy stories and ridiculous questions kept us highly entertained. :-)

Oh, and F.Y.I...I still don't own Nicholas Sparks' new book!! This is getting a little ridiculous.


Oh, Audrey

Today is one of those days I'm really wishing I had that perfect Audrey Hepburn little black dress. I'm attending a cocktail party tonight (my first one ever!) for author James Patterson. I'll get an autographed copy of his new book and mingle with some of the other writers on the Peekaboo team. Fun, fun!

Oh how I wish I could just sew all day long...I think I'm addicted. I love being creative and the feeling of creating something that has never been made before. I just wish I were a little bit richer so I could afford more fabric. That stuff is expensive! Especially when you're buying for a quilt because it takes so much.

I'm thankful it's Friday, thankful for the beautiful Fall weather outside, and so very thankful for all of my Lord's abundant blessings. There are just too many to list. :-)


A Sweet Accomplishment

Today I finished making my very first rag quilt! It's called the "Audrey" because I am going to save it for my future daughter, whom I plan on naming Audrey! I originally planned on selling it, but...yeah, that's not going to happen. I'm too attached!


The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Ok, so it's first day of Fall! The sheer bliss this day entails for me is reason alone to blog! The next few months are my most favorite of the year. The temperatures drop, the leaves change color then fall to the ground, and the sky gets bluer. Really, I think it does. This is the beginning of the most beautiful 3-4 months of the year. Some might argue that Spring is the prettiest because everything blooms and turns green again. I don't disagree that Spring is always like a breath of fresh air when it comes along, but to me, nothing showcases God's handiwork in nature more than the vibrant colors the leaves change into before they fall to the ground. To me, the Fall is all about reminiscing, cuddling, being cozy, being outdoors as much as possible, baking, and getting creative. I'm so thankful for this time!

P.S. I want this: Mandarin Cranberry... YUM!


Just Realized...

Umm...Why do I not own Nicholas Sparks' new book yet?


Joy in the Air

It is not officially Fall yet, but it sure felt like it today! It was in the 60's most of the day I think. So not too cold, but not too warm, with a breeze blowing. I wore a long-sleeved t-shirt for the first time this season! I am HAPPY!!! I love the Fall!!



Today I am trying to contain my excitement...We are going house hunting today!! For the first time in my life, I am going to look at houses for my own family. The only time I've ever house hunted before was when I was a kid, along for the ride, as my parents picked out the best place for us to live. I pray God leads us to the house where we'll be happy and safe for years to come. Where Simon will have a nice yard to run free in and we can raise our first baby in! Oh, and where we can host get-togethers, cook-outs, and Razorback game viewing parties...And Superbowl parties, and dinners with friends and families, holiday meals and celebrations..Holiday decorations, painting the walls, making our house a home...I'm so ready!


Changes of Hearts

Sometimes God can change our hearts in a matter of hours. I feel God stirring up my insides, and I am being reminded that He often blesses us with MORE than we were even praying for!

Sunday Morning Ramblings

I found out Nicholas Sparks has a new book coming out in two days! Somehow I always think to check out his webpage days before his new books come out. Guess I'm "in the zone."

Leslie and I found a house that we absolutely love in Bella Vista. It's down a windy, curvy road surrounded by trees. It just feels like you're out in the woods (well, you kinda are) and it is so peaceful. The drive to work and town would take longer, but it's a sacrifice we're willing to make to live in a place surrounded by trees, as opposed to towns like Centerton and Pea Ridge that are flat and basically a tornado waiting to happen. We are just praying and praying that God's will be done in this. It's such a big decision. Right now, it's a holiday weekend (Labor Day) so we can't get pre-approved until Tuesday when I get off work. We can't even look at the house until our realtor gets off vacation, so Tuesday night would the be the earliest for that. It's a nice house at a good price, so it could be gone in a hurry, but if that happens, I know it will be God's will, and I'll be ok. There is so much peace that comes from trusting in God.

I am happy to say that my flesh hasn't hindered me yet in spending daily time with God. And each day I look forward to it more and more! I usually read 2 chapters a day, but some mornings I can't get enough and read anywhere from 4 or 6 chapters in one sitting! It's obviously something I've been needing because I am just soaking it in and loving it. I feel like taking this daily time with God makes me a better wife, friend, and woman. I'm more motivated around the house, and even more creative. I have plans and goals and am itching to accomplish them!

I am still working on my quilt, and am anxious to get it finished so I can start my next one. The one I'm working on now is going to be a pink and black rag quilt with each square being a different pattern. My next quilt will be all floral fabric, some of which is vintage. I'm also wishing I could take a road trip to Mt. Ida... random, I know! They have a thrift store where you can buy vintage dresses for $0.50!!! Sometimes they have $1 a bag sale! I created an Etsy store called ScrapGirlShoppe to sell my quilts from, but I would also love to hit up a cheap thrift store and sell vintage dresses as well. The Mt. Ida thrift store always had the neatest dresses too.

Well, enough rambling for today. I got ready for church super early this morning and just really felt like blogging.

Oh, and if you're looking for something good to read today, try Romans 12. It really reminds Christians how we're supposed to be living.


...And So it Begins

The adventure of house hunting begins today, officially. We are meeting with a lender to talk about getting pre-approved, and in the next few days we will find out what we can afford. Then the best part...house hunting! I love houses, and I watch House Hunters on HGTV pretty much every day. I know what I love and don't love in a house, and I'm excited to see what God has for us out there! I pray for patience and wisdom during this time. I only want to live where God wants us to live. Somewhere we'll be happy and safe for years to come.

Don't worry; I will DEFINITELY keep you posted!


He's Working on My Heart

The last few days, I have been making more of an effort to spend special time with God each day. I've been reading my Bible and praying for special needs of others that are on my heart. It has made a huge difference in my heart already. I've noticed my mind is on things from His Word a lot more often now, and my focus has been less on myself and more on others. I still have a long way to go, and I am by no means bragging. Just like God does, I know what lies in my heart, and even though I do things that others deem as "good" or "sweet," I know the work that still needs to be done in my heart.

One thing I would love to do is be less what the "world" identifies as pretty or acceptable. One example is, I get my hair highlighted and I tan in a tanning booth because it makes me feel good about myself (which is vanity) and because subconsciously I know that these things make me more attractive in the eyes of the world, and therefore, more accepted. But why do I need to be accepted by the world? And why have I been measuring my self-worth based on the standards of the world? The only thing that truly matters is where I stand in God's eyes. He created me with naturally fair skin and light brown hair; yet, I've been paying money to change those things. Maybe if I allowed myself to stay natural to how God intended me to be, I would focus less on outwardly appealing to the world, and focus more on my heart and my relationship with God. The fleshly, "worldly" me fears I would not feel very attractive if I stopped tanning and dyed my hair back to my original color, but the spiritual me says I will be more beautiful in God's eyes that way. I feel it is something I need to do for my personal walk with God. I'm not saying it's wrong to highlight your hair or work on your tan, but for me, I know what parts of my heart need changing, and letting go of selfish vanities is one of them.

It is an exciting thing to take small steps towards God and to feel him taking huge strides towards you in return. Having a real relationship with God is life-changing! Conversing with Him, reading his Word, and thinking on Him allows us to truly feel his presence in our lives. We need this to remember that He is a true, living God, and he wants to be an active part of our lives. When God is silent in our lives, and we think we have everything in control ourselves, that is when we are in the greatest danger of losing it all. I would rather have God than anything else at all.


Missing Emily...

Ugh...I miss my sister. I got to spend almost two full weeks with her, and she left about 15 minutes ago to head back to New York. It just doesn't feel right to be separated. I wish she and Charlie could just live around us somewhere in Arkansas so I could see them more often. I'll miss getting each other up in the morning and staying in our pj's all morning, even wearing them out to run errands. Binging on Pop-tarts, playing with Simon together, talking about sister stuff, laughing and imitating each other, floating lazily in the pool, going shopping together... I just had the best two weeks of my Summer, and I thank the Lord I have such an amazing family. I pray He takes care of Emily on her trip home and that soon we'll get to be together again.

I hate to be such a downer, I'm just sad right now.


Kansas City

We recently had our 3rd annual trip to Kansas City, and it made for an awesome weekend! We got to see the Royals play the Rangers (which has been Leslie's favorite baseball team most of his life). The weather was the best we've had so far, and we got to see each team win a game. Certain traditions stayed alive, such as eating breakfast at Cracker Barrel Sunday morning.

Here are a few pics from our trip:


Excitement & Blessings

Today I feel very blessed and excited! So many things to be excited about and to look forward to.

I'm starting a fiction series that will be published in Peekaboo...WHAT!! That is something I've always dreamed of but seriously never believed it would actually happen. It's basically a quirky babysitter's diary and stories about the crazy kids she watches. At the end of each story will be a babysitter's tip. Thank you Lord, for these blessings you keep placing in my life.

That is the most exciting thing going on right now in my life, but I've also been finding myself dreaming about things of the future. Or at least things that have always been something of the future, but are getting closer and closer to being reality. Like being a home-owner and going house hunting with Leslie. I'm also quite shocked at how often I think about being a mom. I never knew how it would feel to transition into the whole "being ready" for kids thing, but I can feel it happening to me. And it's neat. I already have two girls names picked out! I have one boy name that Leslie and I both like, but don't know if it's finalized or not.

I tried on my wedding dress last night, and was ecstatic that it still fit exactly like it did 3 years ago! I don't know how Leslie and I will celebrate our anniversary next month, but I'm looking forward to it.

Kansas City trip in one week! I'll keep ya posted. ;-)


First Blog!

So it just hit me a few hours ago...while on hiatus from MDO, what better way to spend my Summer than to start a blog! I used to xanga, but apparently that is so 2001...

I feel like I got a new lease on life today! Let me start at the beginning. A while back, and for various reasons, I decided to get my thyroid tested. According to my brother-in-law, who is a doctor-in-training, I display symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Although I put it off as long as I could, hoping my inability to gain weight no matter how much fat I eat would ultimately be explained by a super-fast metabolism, I finally went in and had a blood test done. Yes, they drew blood, and no, I did not faint, but yes, I was uncomfortable and wanted it to be over with as quickly as possible!

Diagnosis: Normal thyroid. (I celebrated by eating a honey bun right before bed, praying my fast metabolism wouldn't stop working overnight!)

Today I had to go back to the doctor for an echocardiogram. I have a heart murmur that my doctor could hear when he listened to my heart, so he wanted me to make sure I didn't have any structural deformities on my heart. I reluctantly put this appointment off as long as I could simply because I hate doctor visits, and of course, being shirtless in a public place. Well, today was the day...I put on the open-front gown and allowed an older nurse named Dorothy to probe, prod, and press (quite hard) on my left chest area. Ow. I asked if a mammogram was more painful. She said yes. I'm not looking forward to that. After 45 minutes or so of this, I am told to come back another day... the thing they use to get the image is not working correctly. I get a call about an hour later and go back because they found one that works. 10 minutes later, I get the news...

Diagnosis: No structural deformities on my heart. I have a murmur, but it is not life-threatening. I celebrated by popping open a can of Sam's Choice Cola and eating popcorn and tootsie roll pops.

Now that I've gotten a healthy report on my thyroid and heart, I feel like I got a new lease on life! I just want to live. Enjoy life. Be thankful more to God for all he's blessed me with. I don't deserve good health or any of the other blessings I have, but He gave them to me. God is so good, and I'm so thankful.

Thanks for reading my first post. :-)