Pack Rat No More

I am in the mood to clean and de-clutter! Of course, I am only blogging about it right now, but I do fully intend to get started on both as soon as I'm done!

I have recently opened up an account at The Consignory and have already made 2 trips to the place dropping off old decor and electronics that we no longer use. Already, it has cleared up so much space in our guest bedroom closet! There are still more things I need to get rid of, and lots of deep cleaning that needs to take place. I am excited to get this little place in tip-top shape! I want to take pride in my home and keep it as tidy and clean as I possibly can. Not because I'm OCD (even though I am in some ways) but because I feel it's my duty to take care of the things on this earth that the Lord blesses me with.

Not to mention, now that we have gotten rid of clutter around here, we have more room for new "things." AKA the Charlie Brown Christmas tree! Every home needs one of these, truly. I can't wait to get it displayed! I just feel it's a little too early to decorate for Christmas right now. I might give it a few days. :-)

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  1. I need to get some pointers on decorating my blog... I am struggline with it, even keeping it updated. haha! I had trouble adding pics too, yours looks great! Oh, and I am so ready to decorate for Christmas, is it really too early? :)