.easter 2013.

That's not just a picture of a beautiful tree. It's a picture of my church.

Yes, we still meet in the local movie theater. I know some day we'll have a building of our own, but until then I never want to forget this season of our church.

This was our first Easter to spend in this church home of ours, and it was extra special. Hubs and I helped on the greeting team for the first time. We had a record attendance at around 220 people, many being first-time visitors. The worship session was amazing; I had chills the whole time. The sermon was dead on. It was about how we can have a true, unfailing Hope and confidence because Jesus died on that cross and rose back to life three days later.

After church, three baptisms were performed outside; two of those three kids belonged to a friend of mine and it was so special to get to witness their baptisms.

We had Easter lunch with my family over at my brother and sister-in-law's house.

My sister-in-law is so good at entertaining. She provided a delicious and pretty spread of food. We had grilled steak and pork chops, pasta salad, deviled eggs, rolls, fruit salad, strawberry pie and lemon cake.

After we ate, we went outside and watched my sweet nephew hunt a few eggs until he got distracted by all the other fun activities to do such as have leaves thrown on him, get squirted by a water gun, slide, chase Mr. B (his dog) around, and ride his 4-wheeler.

The weather was gorgeous today! We couldn't have asked for better.

Here's my nephew telling me "Bye, Bye" as he goes for a slide with his Daddy by his side.

I hope you all had an Easter Sunday full of blessings!


.snowy spring break.

Spring Break is almost over, and I'm just thinking...why can't this always be my life??? It's so hard to go back to work after a little time off.

It's been so nice to sleep in, eat whenever I please, move at my own pace, go shopping anytime, and sew up a storm while it snows outside.

Yes, I said "while it snows outside." We've gotten more snow over the past week than we probably did all Winter long. Hardly any accumulation to speak of, but it just keeps on coming down.

So anyway, back to the whole "sewing up a storm" thing, between yesterday and today, I've completed an oilcloth market tote, maxi skirt, and a maxi dress.

I'm. On. A. Roll.

This dress is my sewing claim to fame. I made it without a pattern. I just had a vision and executed it. Go me.

The secret is, it's basically a big old pillowcase dress. I did the neck and straps the same way I would a pillowcase dress for a little girl. It's just super-sized. And without a belt, it's basically a big old muumuu... And the print's a little crazy... And... I need a tan and to tone my arms. But STILL.

It actually looks like a legit dress that I could wear in public.

So I guess it's been a successful Spring Break.


.my favorite things party.

Back in January, when my friend Leslie hosted the amazing Craft Party, the eight of us decided to have a girls' night once a month and to take turns hosting. Last month, my friend Becky hosted at her house with a movie/snack night. This month was mine, and I hosted a "My Favorite Things" party!

These are big on Pinterest, and that's where I got a lot of the ideas for my party.

I served a few of my favorite snacks, which included chocolate chip cookies, cheese (sharp cheddar and gouda) and crackers, bacon ranch popcorn and a new Pinterest recipe find: cinnamon sugar cream cheese dreams. My friend Becky also brought spinach artichoke dip. To drink, I offered pink lemonade, cherry coke and water.

Even though the food scape turned out looking like something straight from a wedding (oops), I was going for the shabby/vintage look since it's one of my favorites.

PS, the table cloth is a piece of polka dot lace fabric from Hancock Fabrics and I'm c-r-a-z-y about it!

We played a Favorite Things game, which I found via Shannon's blog here.

Everyone filled out the questions without really knowing what the premise was. Then they found out that the winner was actually the one with the most unique answers. So everyone revealed their answers, and if someone put the same thing as you, you marked it out. The one with the most answers unmarked out was the winner. We had a tie, so the tie-breaker was for me to draw a name. Leslie won, and her prize was a jar of Burt's Bees Night Cream.

After we played the game, we took turns drawing 5 names from the basket to see who would get to take some of our favorite things home.

We had a cost limit of $5 per gift, and here's what everyone brought:

Me: Chevron duct tape
Chrissy: Friend decor signs
Becky: Chocolate Almond Braum's Ice Cream
Gayla: Bath & Body Works hand soap
Ashley D: Nail Polish
Amiee: Burt's Bees chap stick and ELF eyeshadow brushes
Ashley L: Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap
Leslie: Hot Tamales candy and Nivea lip balm

I gave everyone a little gift bag to take their new goodies home in.

Yes, those are doilies. Don't you know I'm an old lady at heart?!

The night was so much fun. It never matters what we do, we always have a great time together and you better believe my cheeks hurt so bad at the end of the night from all the laughing and smiling. Love these girls so much! Looking forward to our next GNO.


.quiet conviction.

The thought struck me today as I was brushing my teeth and I picked up my phone to see what the weather app had to say about the temperatures for the day -- What if I picked up my Bible as much as I picked up my phone?

Because I pick up my phone a lot.

I wonder what the high is for today? Pick up my phone.
Do I have anything in my calendar for today? Pick up my phone.
I think I'll relax and browse Pinterest. Pick up my phone.
I have a few extra seconds. Pick up my phone.

It's become more of a habit than a need, picking up my phone.

 But picking up my Bible?
No, it's not a habit.
It's an unmet need.

And the One that loves me the most is quietly waiting for me to come to Him. Converse with Him. Pursue Him.

To put all my idols down and bask in His glow.

This morning, I'm thankful for quiet conviction...


.things i've learned.

For the first time ever in my life, I'm a member of a church.

I'm in a small group.

I partake in a women's Bible study.

Not a big deal to most people. To me, it's meant the world.

I've learned so much over the course of the past couple of months. I'm in a place in my life where I'm learning and growing. What began as new "obligations," turned into necessary appointments that I can't afford to miss. I can't afford to miss the blessing, the lesson, the fellowship. My heart is full and bursting with new discoveries, truths and goals.

One truth:  God made me exactly who he WANTED me to be. I have the quirks, downfalls and abilities I do because he specifically made me that way. There's nothing about myself to be ashamed of or try to mask. I can shine exactly how I am, flaws and all, because I am HIS handiwork, and He wants to use me to minister to others.

I have learned that being content is more than just a good idea. It's a way of life that I must put into practice. Always longing for the next stage of life, a better day, a better situation...only leads to a wasted life. I've learned to cling to the blessings, big and small, that are a part of my everyday life. And the trials, they're worthy of praise too. In every hardship, I'm growing closer to God. With every temptation, I have the opportunity to choose Christ. 

I'm not much. Just an ordinary girl. But through Christ, I'm capable of extraordinary things. And this excites me.

My prayer is to be used by God. To not be complacent with a lackluster life.

I have claimed Philippians 4:11 as my life verse, to be content no matter what state I'm in.

God, use me. Use my life to be a witness for you. I am yours.


.burlap cross door hanger for easter.

So proud of myself today for trying something from Pinterest that I've never done before.

The Burlap Cross Door Hanger.

Using Miss Kopy Kat's Tutorial found HERE, I created this:


It was fun and easy. It probably took me about an hour and a half total. The painting was the most time-consuming part for me.


+ burlap
+ newspaper (for the template)
+ sewing machine or hot glue gun for the edges
+ grocery sacks for the stuffing (Thankfully, I'm a Walmart bag hoarder)
+ Acrylic paint
+ Foam paint brushes
+ Floral wire (for the hanger)

Using the tutorial I linked to above, go crazy creating your own burlap door hanger. There is a plethora of shapes and seasonal options you could come up with.

Can't wait to make more!