.things i've learned.

For the first time ever in my life, I'm a member of a church.

I'm in a small group.

I partake in a women's Bible study.

Not a big deal to most people. To me, it's meant the world.

I've learned so much over the course of the past couple of months. I'm in a place in my life where I'm learning and growing. What began as new "obligations," turned into necessary appointments that I can't afford to miss. I can't afford to miss the blessing, the lesson, the fellowship. My heart is full and bursting with new discoveries, truths and goals.

One truth:  God made me exactly who he WANTED me to be. I have the quirks, downfalls and abilities I do because he specifically made me that way. There's nothing about myself to be ashamed of or try to mask. I can shine exactly how I am, flaws and all, because I am HIS handiwork, and He wants to use me to minister to others.

I have learned that being content is more than just a good idea. It's a way of life that I must put into practice. Always longing for the next stage of life, a better day, a better situation...only leads to a wasted life. I've learned to cling to the blessings, big and small, that are a part of my everyday life. And the trials, they're worthy of praise too. In every hardship, I'm growing closer to God. With every temptation, I have the opportunity to choose Christ. 

I'm not much. Just an ordinary girl. But through Christ, I'm capable of extraordinary things. And this excites me.

My prayer is to be used by God. To not be complacent with a lackluster life.

I have claimed Philippians 4:11 as my life verse, to be content no matter what state I'm in.

God, use me. Use my life to be a witness for you. I am yours.

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