.my favorite things party.

Back in January, when my friend Leslie hosted the amazing Craft Party, the eight of us decided to have a girls' night once a month and to take turns hosting. Last month, my friend Becky hosted at her house with a movie/snack night. This month was mine, and I hosted a "My Favorite Things" party!

These are big on Pinterest, and that's where I got a lot of the ideas for my party.

I served a few of my favorite snacks, which included chocolate chip cookies, cheese (sharp cheddar and gouda) and crackers, bacon ranch popcorn and a new Pinterest recipe find: cinnamon sugar cream cheese dreams. My friend Becky also brought spinach artichoke dip. To drink, I offered pink lemonade, cherry coke and water.

Even though the food scape turned out looking like something straight from a wedding (oops), I was going for the shabby/vintage look since it's one of my favorites.

PS, the table cloth is a piece of polka dot lace fabric from Hancock Fabrics and I'm c-r-a-z-y about it!

We played a Favorite Things game, which I found via Shannon's blog here.

Everyone filled out the questions without really knowing what the premise was. Then they found out that the winner was actually the one with the most unique answers. So everyone revealed their answers, and if someone put the same thing as you, you marked it out. The one with the most answers unmarked out was the winner. We had a tie, so the tie-breaker was for me to draw a name. Leslie won, and her prize was a jar of Burt's Bees Night Cream.

After we played the game, we took turns drawing 5 names from the basket to see who would get to take some of our favorite things home.

We had a cost limit of $5 per gift, and here's what everyone brought:

Me: Chevron duct tape
Chrissy: Friend decor signs
Becky: Chocolate Almond Braum's Ice Cream
Gayla: Bath & Body Works hand soap
Ashley D: Nail Polish
Amiee: Burt's Bees chap stick and ELF eyeshadow brushes
Ashley L: Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap
Leslie: Hot Tamales candy and Nivea lip balm

I gave everyone a little gift bag to take their new goodies home in.

Yes, those are doilies. Don't you know I'm an old lady at heart?!

The night was so much fun. It never matters what we do, we always have a great time together and you better believe my cheeks hurt so bad at the end of the night from all the laughing and smiling. Love these girls so much! Looking forward to our next GNO.


  1. SO fun! I have been wanting to have a "favorite things party" but I feel like my friends and closest girl cousin's might be like "I don't get it"...lol... You girls are lucky.

  2. You did such a great job hosting, girl!! It was a blast and I loved getting all the fun items to take home. I had the best time! XOXO

  3. Ok, you are ADORABLE! I love, love, love this!!

  4. I have so many of those vases! Love the table cloth! I am hoping to throw one of these parties this fall!