.quiet conviction.

The thought struck me today as I was brushing my teeth and I picked up my phone to see what the weather app had to say about the temperatures for the day -- What if I picked up my Bible as much as I picked up my phone?

Because I pick up my phone a lot.

I wonder what the high is for today? Pick up my phone.
Do I have anything in my calendar for today? Pick up my phone.
I think I'll relax and browse Pinterest. Pick up my phone.
I have a few extra seconds. Pick up my phone.

It's become more of a habit than a need, picking up my phone.

 But picking up my Bible?
No, it's not a habit.
It's an unmet need.

And the One that loves me the most is quietly waiting for me to come to Him. Converse with Him. Pursue Him.

To put all my idols down and bask in His glow.

This morning, I'm thankful for quiet conviction...

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