.snowy spring break.

Spring Break is almost over, and I'm just thinking...why can't this always be my life??? It's so hard to go back to work after a little time off.

It's been so nice to sleep in, eat whenever I please, move at my own pace, go shopping anytime, and sew up a storm while it snows outside.

Yes, I said "while it snows outside." We've gotten more snow over the past week than we probably did all Winter long. Hardly any accumulation to speak of, but it just keeps on coming down.

So anyway, back to the whole "sewing up a storm" thing, between yesterday and today, I've completed an oilcloth market tote, maxi skirt, and a maxi dress.

I'm. On. A. Roll.

This dress is my sewing claim to fame. I made it without a pattern. I just had a vision and executed it. Go me.

The secret is, it's basically a big old pillowcase dress. I did the neck and straps the same way I would a pillowcase dress for a little girl. It's just super-sized. And without a belt, it's basically a big old muumuu... And the print's a little crazy... And... I need a tan and to tone my arms. But STILL.

It actually looks like a legit dress that I could wear in public.

So I guess it's been a successful Spring Break.


  1. Awesome!! I love this.... and it sounds simple to make, great job.

  2. Beautiful dress, girl!! I laughed so hard on your tan and tone moment. LOVE reading your blog!!