.round here.

So, since we've last talked, things have been happening up round here.

First of all, I'm still living the healthy, er...healthIER, lifestyle. I still workout a few times a week and do my best at staying under my calorie goal each day, although most days my addiction to sweets gets the best of me. I've still made major improvements in the fitness category of life. In the past month-and-a-half, I've lost about 4 lbs and some inches here and there. I've also gone from only being able to run maybe 30 seconds without dying all the way to 5 minutes on the treadmill without stopping. Even if I didn't lose another pound, if my running stamina keeps improving, I'll feel like a winner.

.healthy groceries. ish.

.breaking in my new running shoes.

I somehow manage to squeeze in time for thrifting as often as I can. I also spend plenty of time on Pinterest and even created some DIY artwork for the house.

This Winter has been the mildest one of my life yet. We might have a day or two of cold, but it's always quickly followed by unseasonable warmth. A few weeks ago, the hubs and I went hiking with the pug. It was super windy that day but perfect temps for being outside. Last week, we got a little snow. Maybe an inch or so. It will most likely be the only snow we get this year.

I've also been loving my duties as Levi's aunt. His daddy and mommy went on a Valentine's date and I had the pleasure of taking care of little guy and putting him to bed that night. He was a doll, such a good baby! He brings me so much joy. And in ways of my job, even though we still have a few months, it just feels like we're on the downhill slide. I'm enjoying my kids very much and, no different from any other year, I am not looking forward to letting these kids go. I always get attached. Still absolutely loving what I do and feeling extravagantly blessed.


.how to make an omelet: tutorial.

It's a snowy day here in my neck of the woods.

A perfect day for me to create a tutorial for a culinary task that has stumped even the most capable of chefs for centuries on end. The omelet.

I, myself, only mastered this task a year ago, thanks to my observances of a chef at the Embassy Suites in Kansas City along with a few tips from my husband. (Yes, my husband grasped the concept of creating an omelet long before I ever did. A humbling fact of life.)

So without further ado, How To Make An Omelet. IMHO.

First, gather your ingredients. I use 2 eggs per omelet as well as shredded mozzarella cheese and real bacon bits from a jar. (I don't get too extravagant with my ingredients but you can even add mushrooms, peppers, onions, ham, sausage, etc.)

You'll need a small frying pan to keep the circumference of your omelet at a pleasing size. My smallest pan is probably 6-8 inches. I didn't measure it.

You'll also need a spatula, something to crack the eggs into and whisk together (I use a fork to stir the eggs and my measuring cup to break the eggs into because it has a pour spout.)

You'll also need non-stick spray for your pan and any seasonings you would like to add. The spices I use are pictured later.

First, spray your pan with nonstick spray and get it warming up over medium heat.

While the pan is heating up, break 2 eggs into a measuring cup and mix with a fork until all the yolk is broken up and blended.

Pour the eggs into the pan.

Get your spices out. I only use salt, pepper and a little bit of garlic powder. You'll want to go easy on the garlic powder if you decide to use it.

Allow the eggs to cook until the top is almost firm so that you can flip the eggs over without the top draining. Add your seasonings to the top then flip the eggs over like you would a pancake.

As soon as you've flipped it, lightly season this side then add your bacon bits and shredded cheese (or any other toppings) to one half of the circumference.

The underside should be done cooking by the time you've seasoned and added the toppings, so using your spatula, fold the side without toppings on it over the garnished side. Lift it up out of the pan and onto a plate.

Now eat it. Either gracefully or ravenously; that is your choice.

And that is how to make an omelet, in my humble opinion.


.to bang or not to bang.

Obviously, I'm talking about the subject of bangs. ;-)

I'm right smack dab in the middle of growing out my hair, and even though it's getting longer, it still has at least a year of growth before it's where I dream of it being.

In the meantime, I've been wearing my hair pulled back a lot since I'm a little bored with its current length. Not wanting to cut my hair but wanting to add some interest, I'm thinking of getting bangs again.

These pictures (found via pinterest) are my bangs inspiration, especially for the pulled-back hairstyles I commonly wear these days.

What's holding me back is that I highlight my hair and am wondering how hard it would be to maintain roots with bangs (since the only other times I had bangs, I don't remember having highlights). Also, I don't think the hubs cares for bangs on me much.

I kinda like me with bangs though.

Decisions, decisions. ;-)