.round here.

So, since we've last talked, things have been happening up round here.

First of all, I'm still living the healthy, er...healthIER, lifestyle. I still workout a few times a week and do my best at staying under my calorie goal each day, although most days my addiction to sweets gets the best of me. I've still made major improvements in the fitness category of life. In the past month-and-a-half, I've lost about 4 lbs and some inches here and there. I've also gone from only being able to run maybe 30 seconds without dying all the way to 5 minutes on the treadmill without stopping. Even if I didn't lose another pound, if my running stamina keeps improving, I'll feel like a winner.

.healthy groceries. ish.

.breaking in my new running shoes.

I somehow manage to squeeze in time for thrifting as often as I can. I also spend plenty of time on Pinterest and even created some DIY artwork for the house.

This Winter has been the mildest one of my life yet. We might have a day or two of cold, but it's always quickly followed by unseasonable warmth. A few weeks ago, the hubs and I went hiking with the pug. It was super windy that day but perfect temps for being outside. Last week, we got a little snow. Maybe an inch or so. It will most likely be the only snow we get this year.

I've also been loving my duties as Levi's aunt. His daddy and mommy went on a Valentine's date and I had the pleasure of taking care of little guy and putting him to bed that night. He was a doll, such a good baby! He brings me so much joy. And in ways of my job, even though we still have a few months, it just feels like we're on the downhill slide. I'm enjoying my kids very much and, no different from any other year, I am not looking forward to letting these kids go. I always get attached. Still absolutely loving what I do and feeling extravagantly blessed.


  1. You sound so happy, it's lovely to read. Well done for improving in the running field - I can't jog for long at all before puffing away. I love that photo of you with Levi too x

  2. yay for you! running for five minutes on the treadmill IS an accomplishment! congrats on the four pounds too...i completely understand the struggle it is to eat better AND exercise AND stay motivated all at the same time. keep it up!