.easter 2013.

That's not just a picture of a beautiful tree. It's a picture of my church.

Yes, we still meet in the local movie theater. I know some day we'll have a building of our own, but until then I never want to forget this season of our church.

This was our first Easter to spend in this church home of ours, and it was extra special. Hubs and I helped on the greeting team for the first time. We had a record attendance at around 220 people, many being first-time visitors. The worship session was amazing; I had chills the whole time. The sermon was dead on. It was about how we can have a true, unfailing Hope and confidence because Jesus died on that cross and rose back to life three days later.

After church, three baptisms were performed outside; two of those three kids belonged to a friend of mine and it was so special to get to witness their baptisms.

We had Easter lunch with my family over at my brother and sister-in-law's house.

My sister-in-law is so good at entertaining. She provided a delicious and pretty spread of food. We had grilled steak and pork chops, pasta salad, deviled eggs, rolls, fruit salad, strawberry pie and lemon cake.

After we ate, we went outside and watched my sweet nephew hunt a few eggs until he got distracted by all the other fun activities to do such as have leaves thrown on him, get squirted by a water gun, slide, chase Mr. B (his dog) around, and ride his 4-wheeler.

The weather was gorgeous today! We couldn't have asked for better.

Here's my nephew telling me "Bye, Bye" as he goes for a slide with his Daddy by his side.

I hope you all had an Easter Sunday full of blessings!

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  1. Happy Easter! I love that your Church meets in a theater! Mine (when I'm not abroad) meets in a school. In college my Church met in an event center. My husband and I are drawn to church plants I guess. :)