Hot Yoga

Getting up at 5 am really makes the day seem long! I got up early this morning and met Kim at X-Train Fit to take a hot yoga class. Never done yoga in my life, much less "hot" yoga. Basically, you're doing regular yoga poses, the room is just really warm. I think it was about 97 degrees today. I never thought I would do as good as I did, even though, don't get me wrong -- I was definitely wobbly at times and wasn't half as flexible as most other people in class, but I did better than I expected of myself! And it was fun too! Although I've decided that if I ever take it again, I'm definitely taking a night class. It made me so relaxed and sleepy I could barely function afterwards! It took me a few hours to snap out of it and get a little energy in my bones. (The Starbucks drink also helped to do so.) :-) If I would have taken it at night, I would have gotten the best sleep of my life afterwards!!!

Oh, and in other news...I think we might have a house...?

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