Missing Emily...

Ugh...I miss my sister. I got to spend almost two full weeks with her, and she left about 15 minutes ago to head back to New York. It just doesn't feel right to be separated. I wish she and Charlie could just live around us somewhere in Arkansas so I could see them more often. I'll miss getting each other up in the morning and staying in our pj's all morning, even wearing them out to run errands. Binging on Pop-tarts, playing with Simon together, talking about sister stuff, laughing and imitating each other, floating lazily in the pool, going shopping together... I just had the best two weeks of my Summer, and I thank the Lord I have such an amazing family. I pray He takes care of Emily on her trip home and that soon we'll get to be together again.

I hate to be such a downer, I'm just sad right now.

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