Oh, Audrey

Today is one of those days I'm really wishing I had that perfect Audrey Hepburn little black dress. I'm attending a cocktail party tonight (my first one ever!) for author James Patterson. I'll get an autographed copy of his new book and mingle with some of the other writers on the Peekaboo team. Fun, fun!

Oh how I wish I could just sew all day long...I think I'm addicted. I love being creative and the feeling of creating something that has never been made before. I just wish I were a little bit richer so I could afford more fabric. That stuff is expensive! Especially when you're buying for a quilt because it takes so much.

I'm thankful it's Friday, thankful for the beautiful Fall weather outside, and so very thankful for all of my Lord's abundant blessings. There are just too many to list. :-)

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