Another Notch in My Belt

So, I met James Patterson.

...and got a personalized autographed copy of his newest book. No big deal, really. All in a day's work. Just one of the perks of being a WRITER. And having my DREAM JOB. Whenever I really stop and think about how God blessed me with this amazing job that I love, I am overwhelmed each time.

Leslie and I sat through an 8-hour home buyer's education class today at the Jones Center in Springdale. Long class, but interesting info. And getting to sit next to my cute husband the whole time made it so much more bearable. We mostly silently snickered and wrote notes back and forth about some of the people in our class. Their multitudes of crazy stories and ridiculous questions kept us highly entertained. :-)

Oh, and F.Y.I...I still don't own Nicholas Sparks' new book!! This is getting a little ridiculous.

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