Go, Hogs, Go!!!

Beat Ole Miss, and show Houston Nutt...We're better off without you!! :-)

Leslie and I are about to head to our friends Aaron and Sarah's house to watch the game. I've got my new Hog shirt on that I bought at the Neighborhood Market. Loves it! Ready to get excited for our team!

In other news, I finished my first flannel rag quilt last night. I figured out if I make small, todder sized ones, I can get one done in a day, that is, if I do nothing but sew all day. Not too bad! This means I just to make a few more, then ScrapGirlShoppe will be open for business! I'm so excited for my Etsy store's grand opening! I'll probably specialized in children's snuggle blankets, and I have so many ideas that I can't wait to put together!

In house news, Leslie and I put a bid on a house in Centerton. It is for sale through HUD, so we place our max bid along with however many other people do, then wait to see if we get it or not. We'll find out Monday at 1 pm. Online. Crazy!! I have so much peace knowing it's in God's hands. I've left it there, and I'm excited to see the outcome! ;-)

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