If You Read This...

...please pray. Leslie and I found a house that we both love. We both feel strongly that it could be "the one." It's a HUD house, so we have to put in our bid, along with whoever else decides to put one in, and HUD doesn't even look at the offers until Oct. 25th. They then either accept one or decline them all and keep it listed. We are praying that if this is the house God has for us, that our bid will the one they accept. We are also praying that the closing process will be completed before Nov. 30th so we can get the tax credit. Obviously, we are cutting it very close to the looming deadline. It's quite the nail-biter of a situation, but it's in His hands. Therefore, I have peace. I just want God's will to be done and nothing else. So if you feel so inclined to pray, we would appreciate it so much!

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