Excitement & Blessings

Today I feel very blessed and excited! So many things to be excited about and to look forward to.

I'm starting a fiction series that will be published in Peekaboo...WHAT!! That is something I've always dreamed of but seriously never believed it would actually happen. It's basically a quirky babysitter's diary and stories about the crazy kids she watches. At the end of each story will be a babysitter's tip. Thank you Lord, for these blessings you keep placing in my life.

That is the most exciting thing going on right now in my life, but I've also been finding myself dreaming about things of the future. Or at least things that have always been something of the future, but are getting closer and closer to being reality. Like being a home-owner and going house hunting with Leslie. I'm also quite shocked at how often I think about being a mom. I never knew how it would feel to transition into the whole "being ready" for kids thing, but I can feel it happening to me. And it's neat. I already have two girls names picked out! I have one boy name that Leslie and I both like, but don't know if it's finalized or not.

I tried on my wedding dress last night, and was ecstatic that it still fit exactly like it did 3 years ago! I don't know how Leslie and I will celebrate our anniversary next month, but I'm looking forward to it.

Kansas City trip in one week! I'll keep ya posted. ;-)

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