The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Ok, so it's first day of Fall! The sheer bliss this day entails for me is reason alone to blog! The next few months are my most favorite of the year. The temperatures drop, the leaves change color then fall to the ground, and the sky gets bluer. Really, I think it does. This is the beginning of the most beautiful 3-4 months of the year. Some might argue that Spring is the prettiest because everything blooms and turns green again. I don't disagree that Spring is always like a breath of fresh air when it comes along, but to me, nothing showcases God's handiwork in nature more than the vibrant colors the leaves change into before they fall to the ground. To me, the Fall is all about reminiscing, cuddling, being cozy, being outdoors as much as possible, baking, and getting creative. I'm so thankful for this time!

P.S. I want this: Mandarin Cranberry... YUM!