.cb2 love.

So I finally got on top of my game and ordered a cb2 catalog. It came today, and I fell in love! A few years ago, I remember my style was so "country," and I abhorred anything streamlined and contemporary. Something has definitely changed since then because now I wish I could decorate my whole house that way! I've been crazy about the colors gray, mustard, and orange lately. Those colors are running rampant in the newest cb2 catalog! Here are a few of my favies. If only I had the funds to re-decorate my whole house and make it ultra-mod!

grellow lamp

hatfield rocker

gray & mustard bathroom

orange sectional

theo bed linens


  1. LOVE that lamp!! I've been really drawn to yellow lately too. Hope you are enjoying the weekend x

  2. It's so funny how our taste can change so suddenly, I like you wish I could do a whole house makeover. : ) Carrie

  3. loving the yellow!

    p.s. you'll want to check out wild & precious today! i think you will be very excited!! (hint hint.. you won!!)

  4. one of my best friends love grey and yellow - i'm going to forward her this pic of the bathroom!