.sunday in the fall.

Today was wonderful. Hubs and I had planned to go to the pumpkin patch today, but it wasn't as cool as we wanted it to be for a Fall outdoor activity, so we opted to hit up a few flea markets then our local Sam's Club for a few giant pumpkins and bucket of mums.

We have a flea market in the downtown area that just moved into this old two-story building complete with cedar beams, winding staircases, and wood ceilings. The charm alone was enough for me to almost hyperventilate but there were cute booths inside to boot!


After all that thrifting fun, we headed to Sam's Club, where they have jumbo pumpkins for a little under $9 a piece. We got these to put in the front of the house for decoration. When we go to the pumpkin patch, we'll probably get smaller ones to carve.

We also picked out a huge pot of orange/red mums. My favorites.

Here Hubs and I are with the pumpkins we picked out at the club. I've determined that for me, it's all about the stem. I like the ones that are long and quirky-looking.

 It was just another one of those glorious Fall days that I live for. We had so much fun, and now we are just relaxing at home for the rest of the day.

Looking forward to our next Fall adventure!

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  1. so cute! you guys are adorable. I'm all about the stem too! + pumpkin symmetry.