.the "L" word.

Oh, the "L" word... You are the source of many struggles for me.

No, I'm not talking about love or lust. It is to laziness that I refer. That nasty "L" word that I despise and try so desperately not to be categorized as, yet I find myself face-to-face with this awful trait more often than I'd like to admit.

Lately, I confess I have struggled with the desire to do anything but what needs to be done. I attend my jobs (all 3) faithfully and very rarely "call in." I regularly do laundry, grocery shop, feed and water the dog, put the trash out, straighten up and cook dinner.


Sometimes I entitle myself to way too much "fun" spare time. Instead of loading the dishwasher, I'll run by the thrift store and browse for a good deal. Instead of sweeping the floor, I'll spend way too much time on facebook. Instead of cleaning the shower, I'll watch a recorded tv show.

I am ashamed to admit the things that sometimes get neglected around here simply because I plain don't feel like it.

I guess since I don't have to answer to my parents anymore, I've learned how to do just enough around the house to make it appear like I've put effort into it.

But I am learning that a big part of keeping my husband happy is by devoting more care and attention to our home. Not only that, but I want what I choose to do with my spare time to be honorable in God's eyes, whether I have to answer to my parents or husband or not.

There are specific things I know that I can improve on around here, and am praying...yes, literally praying that God help me overcome the allure of that nasty "L" word.

I would appreciate any prayers you could send out for me concerning this matter. Every day is a new step in my Proverbs 31 journey, and it is a big deal to me that I excel for Christ and my husband in this area of my life!


  1. I go through patches like this too, I find if I set myself a household chore to get done first, then I don't feel so guilty about sitting down afterwards and relaxing a bit.

  2. I am glad for you honesty martha, not many of us want to admit how we are poor keepers with our time.. definitely challenges me to be more watchful of my spare time.

  3. I think we all struggle with the L word at times. I find myself in the same situation as you. When I finally get myself going I find a great deal of peace in a clean, organized home because then I can relax without the guilt of having to clean. I will pray for you, as you asked, prayer works wonders!

  4. Well just the fact you are aware...is a great start!! I have the opposite problem... I can't relax unless everything is done.... and its important to take time for yourself too....so I guess we have to look for BALANCE!