.gripes and good news.


Today it only sort-of felt like Fall. It rained some, so I got to wear my new gray rain boots, but the temps haven't really made it out of the high 70's, low 80's yet. Even though the foliage is starting to get pretty, it just doesn't feel like Fall until the highs are in the upper 50's/low 60's. I would at least like to wear a scarf and not break a sweat as soon as I put it on. It's almost mid-October; I mean, is that too much to ask?

Ok, enough ranting.

I have news. I will be participating in my very first local craft show in November!

Do I have inventory stocked up? NO!
Do I know what I'm doing? NO!
Am I going to sew my heart out for the next month? YES! (As soon as I'm done blogging, of course.)
Will the housework suffer due to the fact that I'm sewing all the time? YES!
Am I going to go all out and decorate my booth all cute? YES!

The best part about this event is that it is FREE to anyone who wants a booth space. I live in a very small town, and this craft fair will be a part of its first annual Fall Festival. It will be held in the city park, with 75 10x10 spots available. I've never done anything like this before, but I'm excited to try my hand at it with nothing on the line. I have a solid month to get enough inventory made to fill my space, but I work better under pressure any way, so I'm pumped!

Well, I'm off to sew!


  1. martha carolyn,

    how absolutely marvelous! oh, how i wish i lived closer to you, better yet, that i had some extra days to take off at work, so i could come support your little booth. i know you'll do smashingly well, rocket man's little giraffe is proof of your talent. i know you'll have oodles of goodies to sell.

  2. You're do great!! You'll love it!! :) I love you!