.deep thoughts on aging.

Well, the husband went and did it. He turned 30.

If you ask me, he doesn't look a day over 24.

I asked him what he wanted out of life now that he is 30, and he basically said just because you turn 30, doesn't mean you have any kind of crazy epiphany. He wants the same things he's always wanted. A family. To keep moving up in the company he works for. A church home.

You know how people say time flies once you reach your 20's? It's true.

It's crazy that at one point in my life, the age of 30 seemed so unfathomable. Now that it's just around the corner for me, I can't help but think of back to the Bible age when people lived upwards of 700 years on earth. Can you imagine if we still had that lifespan? Turning 30 was the least of their worries. I wonder how fast wrinkles and old age came about? Were people "elderly" from age 70-700? Surely not... Was 350 years old equal to what today's age 35 is? When did they have their mid-life crises? What did they do with all that time? Did time fly once they hit their 200's?

Is your mind blown? Because mine is.

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