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Listening to our local contemporary Christian radio station became a habit when the cd player in my old car stopped working at least 3 years ago. I became familiar with a genre of music that I had never really known much about, and now, even though I have a different car with a working cd player in it, I prefer to listen to that same local radio station when I'm in my car.

Lately, though, I've been wishing I owned more cds of the artists I hear on the radio so that when I get a hankering for one particular song, I can switch to that person's cd and listen to a whole collection of wonderfulness.

Cue the addition of multiple cd's to my Pinterest wishlist board, including:

Matt Maher
For King and Country
Aaron Shust
Chris and Conrad
Toby Mac
One Sonic Society
Phil Wickham
Tenth Avenue North

I bought this one a few days ago:

And I don't regret it.

Crazy about his song "Risen Today." Love his voice, love the music (especially the drums) and the worship I feel in my heart when I'm listening and singing along.

Here's to a growing collection of music that lifts me up and keeps Jesus on the forefront of my mind throughout the day!

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