.goodbye summer.

I remember once...about 2 weeks ago...it was Labor Day. And it was a good day. Even if it did take me this long to blog about it.

Hubs and I enjoyed a day out on the lake with family. It was so relaxing. I love the feel of the wind in my face while chilling in a boat, cruising over the water.

Afterwards we headed back to my sister's house for grilled out burgers and hot dogs.

Now that Summer's last hoorah is over, I'm ecstatic about the months to come.

Did you know that Fall is my favorite time of the year?

Candy corn, changing & falling leaves, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, chilly air, fire pits, and...most importantly...the arrival of my TWO nieces!

Sis and SIL are both due to deliver their little girls in October. Two more reasons my most favorite month of the year will be even more special!

On that note, I bid adieu to summer 2013 and welcome with open arms the season that brings exciting change and a fresh invigoration for this blessed life I live!

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