To Audrey

Dear Audrey,

Tomorrow will make it three months since God gave me the most precious gift: You.

I want you to know that when I look at your face, I feel inexpressible joy.

There were so many things I prayed for you to be like, that I used to joke that God was probably thinking: I get it; you want a perfect baby. But EVERYTHING I prayed about has been fulfilled. And no, you're not perfect (because no one is) but you are everything my heart has ever desired in a baby.

I was not the only one who prayed the word JOY over you. Friends and family did as well. And the joy that you bring to your daddy's and my life is over-abundant than any joy we've ever felt before.

You're like my little best friend. We are together every day, and in the morning when it's time to wake you up, I almost get butterflies anticipating the big smile I know you'll present me with.

Holding you in my arms and kissing the hair on your head is my happy place. When I'm with you and your daddy, I'm at peace. I'm fulfilled.

You are a little nugget from heaven -- a tiny glimpse at the goodness of God and the JOY that awaits us there.

I want you to know I'll always be your safe place. I will ALWAYS love you, no matter what. No matter what choices you make, no matter if you're with me or far away...my love for you will never end.

I pray not only that you will come to understand your need for Jesus at a young age, but that you will crave a real relationship with Him that goes way past just the guarantee of an eternity in Heaven with Him.

I want you to believe with all your heart that He is so very good. No matter life's circumstances, He is good and sovereign. Sometimes He allows things to happen that you won't be able to understand, but our minds aren't made to be like His, and his reasons aren't always revealed to us while we're in this world.

Your name Audrey means "noble strength" and your middle name Quinn means "wisdom." I pray these characteristics over you as you grow from a baby, to a child, to a young woman and so on.

You are good enough just as you are. God formed you so intricately and perfectly while you were in my womb. The world might try to make you feel like you fall short or that you have to change something about yourself to be accepted, but that's a lie.

As you grow, you might find yourself thinking that the rules your Daddy and I have in place for you are unfair. You might be tempted to think at times that we just don't understand. But sweet girl, we understand so well. We were once your age and went through the same struggles and emotions that you some day will.

Everything we ever do or say to you will be out of love for you. It is our job in this world to not only fiercely love and protect you, but to teach you important lessons and cultivate character traits in you that sometimes don't come easy to us as imperfect humans.

I pray for you to carry yourself with a quiet confidence, to have an unshakable faith in Jesus, and to always know beyond a shadow of a doubt that, Sweet Audrey, I love you more than words.

No matter how old you get, you will always be My Little Joy.

Love You Endlessly,

You were 8 days old in this photo.

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