.nye dress and resolutions.

It's New Year's Eve! I'm not sure what all hubs and I are doing to celebrate tonight other than dinner with friends. We tend to keep this holiday pretty low-key, even though every year I like to pretend I have a snazzy party to attend, which allows me to go on the online hunt for the perfect dress.

I'll admit, I'm not one to prance around in a fun mini dress (no matter how much I adore ModCloth's selection). I am just too modest for those little numbers; not to mention, I'm not the biggest fan of my knees.

So, if I had a snazzy party to attend tonight, this would be my dress:

It's from Shabby Apple and can be found here.

I would pair it with champagne-colored heels and a cute clutch.

Ok, enough with the fake NYE plans. :-)

I wasn't planning on making any resolutions this year. (Come the second week of January and I've usually forgotten all about them.)

This year, however, I've come up with two very doable resolutions.

1. Read at least one chapter of the Bible every day. My friend and I have already been doing this, and we keep each other accountable by reading the same book, same chapter at a time, and we text each other our favorite verse from the day's chapter.

2. Every day, I want to intentionally seek out an opportunity to be a blessing to somebody. I'm picturing: complimenting someone when I might normally be too shy to do so; paying for the car's behind me order in the drive-thru; offering to give someone a hand if they appear to be struggling; texting someone to let them know I'm praying for them. I'm really excited about this one!

I'm curious what your resolutions are, if you have any!


  1. Love the dress! Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful dress and resolutions. I'm going to try to do a little more #2 myself and be a little more kind and thoughtful out loud. Kind words can turn a person's day around! Nice idea!

  3. I love you resolution #2. You are a very Christ-like person, something I'm striving hard to become.

    My daughter is also a big fan of Shabby Apple, they do have some very cute clothes :)!