.a help meet.

A sweet friend gave me a copy of the book Created To Be His Help Meet: Discover how God can make your marriage glorious by Debi Pearl. It's a copy that she previously read and made notes in and underlined. I've only read the first chapter, and already I'm greatly enjoying reading her notes and finding out what parts spoke to her; but, even more importantly, I'm already motivated, just from the first chapter, to be a better partner for my husband.

One simple question that keeps lingering in my mind is: What can I do to be a better help to my husband? I know what he desires and what aggravates him. Am I doing all I can to avoid aggravating him? For selfish reasons, am I purposely failing to do little things that I know are important to him?

I can honestly say I know there is at least one solid area I need to improve upon. I know with all my heart that my husband worries about our finances. I, being the thrift-addict and decor-enthusiast that I am, know that it stresses him out every time he comes home to find new "items" I picked up while out and about in my day.

I justify all these little purchases to him by saying, "I used cash." Or, "It was only a dollar." Or similar justifications. I always thought he was worrying too much about insignificant things when he'd get upset with me for shopping...again.

Now I understand fully: If it's a significant worry to him, it should be a significant worry to me. I should do everything in my power to bring joy to my husband and not concern or added stress.

That being said, I'm not saying I'm never going to shop for home stuff or go out and spend a few bucks on something fun. However, I have a few days off now and then, and I usually use them to shop. To support my habit. I know I need to be using my days off to be more productive, to get more stuff done around the house or catch up on sewing, to plan better meals instead of throwing a frozed bagged dinner in a skillet 15 minutes before he comes home from work. I've been quietly convicted about how I spend my free time for a while now. Reading the first chapter of this book has opened my eyes to the fact that changing my bad habit of selfishly, needlessly spending will not only benefit our finances, but it will benefit my marriage.

Just some thoughts I'm having tonight. I'm excited to keep reading and grow spiritually and become more of the wife and woman God created me to be!


  1. Your post spoke volumes to me and I am eager to go find that book. We forget that sometimes what we consider small things really aren't so small when they cause others hurt or stress. I am sure that your husband will appreciate your efforts or just that you will validate how he feels and that is so important..Have a lovely day

  2. Martha! I'm so happy for you. by being the help meet God created you to be you'll have the husband of your dreams, even if he's already amazing, which i know he is, your marriage can be heavenly. Love you girl! this post is just another reminder to me of something i have to work on daily. it's not easy but it'sa daily sacrifice. something you'll have to choose to do every day)

    amy. you can order it & read articles by mrs. pearl on nogreaterjoy.org i could get you a copy at cost from a lady at our church if you'd like. just let me know through martha :)