.resolutions check-in.

It's January 31st. A great time to keep each other accountable on our New Year's resolutions.

Normally, by this point I've already ditched all half-hearted attempts at sticking to all the things I resolved to do starting January 1st. This year, I resolve to not let that happen. The things I committed to do are just too important to ditch.

One of my resolutions was to read at least a chapter of the Bible every day. I am happy to say I have done this! It has made a huge difference in how each day played out, too. Better attitude, more reflective on God's blessings, even growing excitement for what comes next. All good things. :-)

My second resolution was to intentionally make it a point to be a blessing to someone every day. Being that I know I haven't purposefully sought out some way to do this every single day this past month, I guess you could say I've fallen short on this one. I can say that each time I intentionally sent a text of encouragement or gave a compliment without a second thought, it has inevitably been a blessing to me in return. I do intend to keep this going throughout the year, anytime the thought to do so crosses my mind. I'm not going to let the fact that I have fallen short on this one deter me from continuing on with it.

How are you holding up your end of the bargain with this New Year?

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  1. that is so great you are keeping to your goals! and those are awesome goals too! :) i have been doing pretty good at keep mine too!