.forever 21.

I went shopping this morning, mainly to hunt for more tunics. I have fallen in love with wearing leggings but only have a couple of tops/dresses to wear with them. I knew Forever 21 wouldn't let me down, so I headed there first. Not only was I met with an array of tunics to choose from, the prints were so Spring/Floral/Vintage, I was in love with nearly everything I saw! This is the one I ended up taking home with me:

I did not see this pink one in my store or I probably would have taken it home with me too:

Another trend I'm seeing everywhere is the floral mini skirt like this one from Forever 21:

I don't wear "mini" skirts, but I would consider wearing the right one with leggings underneath. Well, after leaving the mall, I went to my tried and true consignment shop. I was ecstatic to find a similar skirt to the ones at Forever 21, only this one reaches to about an inch above my knees (I can handle that!) and has the same vintage-type floral print. Bonus: It was only $5! Welcome to my home, new Springy skirt!

I would call today a successful shopping day! I found a few pieces for my Spring wardrobe at what I consider reasonable prices. Don't you just love when you finding a desired style of clothing at a resale shop?! It really, really makes my day. :-)


  1. finding a bargain always makes for great shopping! Love the tunic

  2. I really love the floral skirt. And I too love a great find at a consignment shop. Bargain shopping all the way for me :)


  3. I love the Pink one! Forever 21 is Awesome :)
    I'm following you now ..