.one worth remembering.

Tonight's GNO was one for the books! Here's why:

* The evening started out with a quick dinner at Chick-fil-A, where I got hit on by a gray-haired employee who asked me what fragrance I was wearing because it was 'frantastic.' Awkwardly, I answered him - to which he so creepily replied, "Mmmm. That's nice."

* Not long after we arrived for dinner, the tornado sirens started going off and our phones started blowing up with texts and calls about hail, tornado touchdowns, taking shelter, rotation in the sky....

* We finished our meal then packed in my car to drive to the theater, where we watched Soul Surfer. Old dude cuts in line at the ticket booth to demand his money back on his tickets since we were under a tornado warning and he didn't want to stay for the flick. We mosied on into the theater, with a warning from the ticket clerk that our safe zone was the bathrooms if things got bad.

* Soul Surfer was so good. I mean...like, really good. I left feeling thankful, blessed, inspired and wanting to work-out because that girl has an amazing bod!

* After we made it out of the movies with our lives still intact and a diminished storm warning, we started feeling frisky and ventured out to TCBY. Can you say...delish?! I had a little bit of the strawberry kiwi, plain strawberry, orange sorbet, and ruby red grapefruit, no toppings. Every flavor was da bomb!

* We then went to Keri's house to watch the Girls Night Out country concert that had been recorded. We ooh'd and aww'd over Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, talked about how Reba's mouth annoys us, puked in our mouths a little whenever the Judds were shown, and sat in amazement at Carrie Underwood's version of 'How Great Thou Art.'

* We giggled A LOT. Exchanged high-fives (and missed most of the first attempts). Watched silly youtube videos. Played with Keri's dog. Acted really goofy and girly.

It was the perfect night with girlfriends!

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  1. your chick-fil-a moment reminded me of a time when i was at wendy's....
    a nice worker sat down next to me.
    he then proceeded to comment on my "nice" jeans.
    then he started rubbing my leg.
    i promptly moved away from him and left the restaurant. haha!
    thanks for sharing :) i'm glad i'm not the only one....
    sounds like you had a fun night!