.date night.

My husband took me out on a fun date last night! He sent me a text while he was at work asking me if I wanted to get something to eat, maybe walk around some stores. I was so excited because it had been a long time since we had gone out, just the two of us.

Of course, I had to get all fixed up lookin' all cute for my boo. ;-)

We went to a pizza place on the old square. It's a favorite of mine because of its character. This pizza place is called The Rail (fitting name since it's right by the old railroad tracks). Right off the bricked street and next door to a coffee shop. There are Christmas lights strung outside over the sidewalk, and when you walk in the front door, you see that the restaurant is long and narrow with one wall being old brick. The bar is made of old sheet metal, and each booth has a paper towel roll mounted on the wall.

The place was hoppin' last night, so we chose to dine outside, which we had never done before and didn't even realize that out the back door was the funkiest little patio. I was in love with the bright red chairs, strung lights and mixture of sheet metal and old truck bed doors that surrounded the patio.

We had great pizza and great conversation!

Here is my handsome date:

After dinner we went to the promenade and went to a few different stores. Husband bought a few new articles of clothing and we stayed until the whole place closed. Then we got something to drink at a gas station and drove through car lots, looking at vehicles and deciding what we would buy if we could. I love when the used vehicles are left unlocked and I get to sit in them! It truly is the simple things that bring joy to my life. :-)

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  1. looks like a blast! you're so pretty martha!