.the french braid.

So I'm going to do something girly and blog about hair. I have been wanting to learn how to do one of those side-part french braids (or, french braid headbands, as some people call them) for quite a while now. Here I am, 27 years old, and I've never learned how to french braid anything, much less one of the fancy side-parted pretties.

Back when The Hills was on MTV (and I was a faithful viewer), I loved Lauren Conrad's version. Pretty sure she started this trend. She did as far as I'm concerned, anyway. I used to attempt my own version, but not knowing how to french braid, my braid wouldn't really start until about even with my temples. That's not the same look, people. It pretty much just has "fail" written all over it. Don't do that.

I finally got smart yesterday (The light bulb over my head lit up and did the whole "ding" thing. It was actually really cool) and decided to YouTube tutorials on how to french braid hair. After three videos, the steps were engrained into my memory, and I was confident enough to attempt my own french braid.

My inspiration:

My LC-inspired french braid!

I am so addicted now...

I love how this style works for curly or straight hair, and it can spice up any type of up-do.

If you are like me and want the look but are intimidated to try it yourself, I suggest watching a few different YouTube tutorials. There are various ways to achieve this look; you just have to decide on the method that works best for you.

for a helpful tutorial.

Happy braiding!!!

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  1. you're beautiful! I love braids too! my hair's a little short right now but this would work perfect! have you tried the fishtail braid. my mom used to do my hair like that & last summer I lived in them! :) I found a great video tutorial online, email me if you'd like the link! :)