.the impossible challenge.

Tonight I challenged myself to the Impossible Task...Also known as, going through my Pinterest boards and picking only ONE (that's right: ONE {Did I stutter?}) picture from each to summarize the whole category.

Have you ever done this to yourself? It's nuts, and I don't recommend doing it. I especially had trouble going through my Decor board. My taste ranges from anything vintage eclectic to rustic modern. Picking just ONE image from each album was complete torture, but also very revealing.

So even though I am now completely confused, frazzled and worried I picked the wrong pictures, here are my choices:


It's the wall art, the really light blue wall, the light/dark wood mix and the mix of vintage and modern. Will I be replicating this exact nursery when my time comes? No. But it leaves me very inspired, so I pick this to summarize my taste in baby rooms.


From Board: DECOR

It's the rustic wood mixed with industrial metal, simple and clean decor. Old mixed with new. Neutrals with a pop of color. These are my favorite aspects of decor for any room in the house.


From Board: FASHION

It's a hot nerd. Nerd chic, if you will. The vintage-looking lightweight dress with girlie details, the messy-but-cute hair. Effortlessly cute. Fashionable but comfortable.


From Board: LOL

First World Problems. Because it's making fun of spoiled Americans and there is humor in the truth. And I relate to more of these than I want to admit. If I don't LOL each time I read it, I at least crack a smile.


From Board: HOUZES

Old white frame farm house with big windows. Lots of trees. Big porch. Chimney. Feels like home to me!


From Board: GIRL CRUSH

Nicole Richie wins because she looks so darn cute in every picture I see of her. I think her fashion sense is impeccable, and her hair always looks awesome (especially when she has bangs).


Now, I'm curious. If you could only pick ONE image from your Pinterest boards to summarize the whole category, which ONE would YOU pick???

Browse my Pinterest boards to trace images back to their original sources. There's a link up top to the right. ;-)

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