.christmas break bucket list.

Today was my last day of work for 18 days. But who's counting? Yeah, it's Christmas break!

I've been thinking about how I can spend my time (semi wisely) without getting completely slothful/fat/unproductive.

Here's what I've come up with. My Christmas Break Bucket List, if you will:


+ Make Oreo Balls (because I had some today and they were divine!)

+ Work out at least 4 times per week

+ Get all remaining Christmas gifts wrapped (obviously)

+ Spend AT LEAST one whole day in bed, in pajamas, watching tv/movies and browsing Pinterest

+ Spend AT LEAST one whole day shopping

+ Get my hair done. (That's tomorrow!)

+ Have AT LEAST one Girls' Night Out

+ Focus one day on major cleaning/organizing of the house

+ Create exciting lesson plans and new classroom decor for when school starts back

+ Read my Bible every day (because I've gotten out of the habit and I'll have no excuses while on break. Not like I ever have a good excuse to not read God's word anyway.)


And even though a majority of those activities fall into the slothful/fat/unproductive category, if I am purposefully doing them, I am at the very least checking things off this list, which, in a weird twisted way, is being productive.

Please don't argue with me on this.

It's Christmas Break. I'm allowed to get fat.


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