.30 day photo challenge: finished.

Thank you Positively Present for coming up with this photo challenge and for giving me an excuse to be deliberate with my picture-taking!

All pics were taken with my IPhone 4 and were edited using Instagram and Picnik.com.


.christmas decor and a giveaway.

All the cold, dreary rain we had today made for the perfect day to get the Christmas tree and decor up around the house. The tree is pretty much the same as it always is, except I added poinsettias as the topper. I had fun playing around with the fireplace mantle until I was satisfied with the look. The stockings are from Hobby Lobby, and we've had them a few years. I'd like to make new ones for us, so it's just a matter of time before those change. But until then, here is what we've got going on up in this hizzie.

Now, in other news: My Shabby Threads Facebook page has reached 200 fans, and I am celebrating by giving away this gray/red wool blend infinity scarf that I made tonight. These are my absolute favorite scarves to wear! Click the picture below to be taken to the giveaway page.



The Thanksgiving holiday zoomed by just like all the other days, weeks and months have been. Wednesday night, hubs and I had my parents over for taco soup and pecan pie. Thanksgiving Day was spent with my in-laws, which is the usual tradition. This year, we did something different and planned some family pictures. Here are a few of the best ones.

I think the one in front of the waterfall is my favorite.

Today is Black Friday and I decided to not get up and shop this year like I did last year. There was nothing that I just had to have or that was worth fighting the crazies for. But I did stay up late to see what the special deal on the Silhouette Cameo would be. I was disappointed that even with $50 off the original price, it is still too much for me.

But, there is always a bright side, and in this case that would be PIE. Pecan pie and apple pie. And I ate a bunch and still have some to eat. Hooray!

In just an hour and half I'll be watching my Razorbacks kick-off against LSU. This game is huge. HUGE. I love watching football when there is more on the line, and this game should keep all Hog fans on the edge of their seats.

After the game, we'll be decorating the house for Christmas! I took all the Fall decor down this morning and got it put away. I am really looking forward to putting the tree up. However, I'm not quite ready to listen to Christmas music. My favorite radio station has already turned to all Christmas music, and I am just not ready for it. I've been listening to music pretty much all day while I'm at home and am loving some old school Britney Spears right now. The song that I could listen to on repeat right now is Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes.


.a week of thanks.


+ Black Friday ads

+ Black Friday shopping

+ My new boots:

+ Having a week off work!!!

+ Thanksgiving Day {AKA family time & PIE}

+ AR/LSU game on Friday

+ Christmas decorating on Friday


.my first craft booth.

This year my little town hosted their 1st Annual Fall Festival, where they offered local home-based vendors FREE booth space! I had never had my own booth before but couldn't resist this opportunity.

Since I don't have a fancy cutting machine like the Silhouette or Cricut, my friend helped me cut the letters with her Cricut for my Shabby Threads sign.

I had an array of bibs to choose from as well as coasters, pin cushions, quirky dolls, and a few other miscellaneous items.

It was pretty cold and super windy both days of the festival, so traffic was pretty light. Even though I didn't sell as much as I thought I might, I had an awesome first experience manning my own booth. I shared a table with my mom, and we had a lot of laughs sitting together.

I've signed up to do it again in the Spring, and I already can't wait. It's so fun to get out there and display my creations and meet the other vendors. I got some sweet compliments from strangers and even had a few people take my business card.

I learned a lot and can't wait to do it again!


.the impossible challenge.

Tonight I challenged myself to the Impossible Task...Also known as, going through my Pinterest boards and picking only ONE (that's right: ONE {Did I stutter?}) picture from each to summarize the whole category.

Have you ever done this to yourself? It's nuts, and I don't recommend doing it. I especially had trouble going through my Decor board. My taste ranges from anything vintage eclectic to rustic modern. Picking just ONE image from each album was complete torture, but also very revealing.

So even though I am now completely confused, frazzled and worried I picked the wrong pictures, here are my choices:


It's the wall art, the really light blue wall, the light/dark wood mix and the mix of vintage and modern. Will I be replicating this exact nursery when my time comes? No. But it leaves me very inspired, so I pick this to summarize my taste in baby rooms.


From Board: DECOR

It's the rustic wood mixed with industrial metal, simple and clean decor. Old mixed with new. Neutrals with a pop of color. These are my favorite aspects of decor for any room in the house.


From Board: FASHION

It's a hot nerd. Nerd chic, if you will. The vintage-looking lightweight dress with girlie details, the messy-but-cute hair. Effortlessly cute. Fashionable but comfortable.


From Board: LOL

First World Problems. Because it's making fun of spoiled Americans and there is humor in the truth. And I relate to more of these than I want to admit. If I don't LOL each time I read it, I at least crack a smile.


From Board: HOUZES

Old white frame farm house with big windows. Lots of trees. Big porch. Chimney. Feels like home to me!


From Board: GIRL CRUSH

Nicole Richie wins because she looks so darn cute in every picture I see of her. I think her fashion sense is impeccable, and her hair always looks awesome (especially when she has bangs).


Now, I'm curious. If you could only pick ONE image from your Pinterest boards to summarize the whole category, which ONE would YOU pick???

Browse my Pinterest boards to trace images back to their original sources. There's a link up top to the right. ;-)