.the day i did everything.

Ok, so maybe I didn't do everything.

But I did do...a dang lot.
That would be my newly organized linen closet. Yes, it's the best it has ever looked.

I discovered I have:

+ mismatched towels
+ a lot of spare pillows (this is after getting rid of two)
+ a lot of vintage linens (yay!)
+ an odd attachment to old comforter sets that I know I'll never use again but can't get rid of.

 I also tackled the monstrosity that was my guest bedroom/craft room.

My sister is visiting in a couple of weeks, so I had to get this room freshened (and straightened) up!

I used my IKEA Ofelia Vass duvet set along with mismatched vintage linens on the bed.

And THEN, as if all that wasn't enough, I organized my closet.

Which included packing away my winter clothes...

I spent about two hours on this beast.

Left = Before
Right = After

I'm tired.

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