.do something you love.

Been thinking lately how blessed I am to have a job I love. Working with little kids brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose that no other career could ever give me.

And I've worked jobs that did not give me such fulfillment; in fact, they made me feel the exact opposite. Anxiety. Dread.


When I think back to the three most awful, dreadful days of my past working career, I immediately relive all the horror that came from being a...

Front Desk Receptionist at a Commercial Real Estate Agency.

Ew. I shiver in disgust.

If this is your position, I give you kudos, props and all sorts of virtual admiration.

I didn't cut it in the world of fast money, fake cheerfulness and high rollers.

My future was defined by the 3-day stint from Heck.

And I went running back to the chilluns just as quickly as I could.

And never looked back.

We've all had jobs we hated. Some of us aren't so lucky to escape so quickly, some not so blessed to have found their heart's desire.

I thank the Lord He led me to mine.

And I thank him for the jobs I worked that left me feeling sick and tired in the evening because they help feed my appreciation for the good stuff.

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