.warrior dash/girls' trip.

I'm a little behind, but I wanted to post about the girls' trip to Kansas City I went on a few weekends ago.

Some of my friends ran the Warrior Dash, and two of us went as spectators.

The road trip up there was rainy and stormy. Instead of paying for a hotel room, we got to stay at one of my friends' Dad's house. We're talking four air mattresses strewn about his living and dining rooms. My first slumber party as an adult!

Probably the most memorable event from the evening was the antagonizing of Becky -- the least "girly" of the whole group -- when we "bullied" her into straightening her hair.

Earlier in the evening, we had dinner at Granite City Grill, a KC favorite.

I also experienced my first time to Dave & Buster's. Becky and I had a basketball rematch (following our Chuckie Cheese match, which I won). 

We played two games because I won the first one (Boom!) so Becky had to redeem herself by winning the second one.

After a restful night's sleep (for everyone but me on my half-inflated mattress on the hardwood floor), we got up and around, headed to Panera for breakfast, then on to the Warrior Dash. These four were the brave runners:

And Ashley and I were the supporters.

It was a pretty chilly day, super muddy, but oh so fun. I'm even considering joining in the actual race next year. That's big for a gal such as myself.

There were so many people there, lots in costume. So fun!

It took our girls just a little over an hour to complete the course. Once we saw them coming down the hill towards us, I felt so proud of them! They stuck together the whole time and exited the course covered in mud and shivering cold.

I'm still so proud of my friends! So many great memories were made on this trip.

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