.diy stream-lined thrifted top.

My sweet friend picked me up a J. Crew top while she was thrifting out of town. (Girl after my own heart, right there.) And I love the top, but when I tried it on, I thought...it could be a little more form-fitting and cuff ruffles aren't really "me."

It didn't really look bad before, but I knew with a few snips and stitches, it could fit even better.

So I first found a shirt in my closet of similar style that I like the fit of. I laid it down on top of my thrifted top, which was inside out.

I then placed straight pins along the outside edge of the top shirt so as to give me a sewing guideline to create new side seams on the thrifted top.

Once I sewed the new side seams, I grabbed my cutting board, ruler and rotary cutter and sliced off the cuff ruffles.

I turned up the raw edge of my new sleeve cuff and ironed a crease. Then I sewed up the new straight cuff hem.

And that was that! I held my breath, put the top back on and breathed a sigh of relief that it still fit. And even better this time around!

The changes are minimal, but enough for me to feel more comfortable wearing this fun top.

Hopefully this project will give you confidence to tweak an article of clothing from something you kinda like into something you love and will wear often.

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