.me as a non-dating bachelorette.

June 2, 2013:
I am currently in the midst of 4 days sans husband, for he is on a work trip.

Learning a lot about myself and what type of bachelorette I am--minus the dating scene, of course, since I'm married--as far as things I do differently when my husband is here versus when he isn't.

I will keep this blog post open and add to it as I see necessary until my husband gets home, but for documentation purposes..

My Four Days as a Non-Dating Bachelorette.

Do I cook? No, I don't cook. I eat out. Every possible meal. Or, at least the ones I'm not bumming off of someone else. (Had lunch today at my brother and sister-in-law's house.) Last night, I enjoyed a box of cheese sticks from Papa John's all to my self. The whole dang box. Then I watched the Bachelorette with no apologies.

Do I clean? Heck yes, I clean. I think I actually do a better job straightening up when it's just me to impress. Actually, this makes no sense at all...

Do I go places? Well, yeah, I go places. Shopping, obviously. But the key is: I drive HIS truck. "Bachelorette me" gets a thrill from driving the V8, large-and-in-charge Chevy truck. And she parks it quite beautifully. Even drove it to church by herself this morning.


Later that same evening:
Oops, I had cheese sticks for dinner for the second night in a row.


June 5, 2013:
Ok y'all. He's home. And I'm back to being a wife again. Trust me, it's better this way. I missed my boo. Plus, it's dangerous being a bachelorette--a girl can't live very long (or lean) by eating pizza errrnight.

I even managed to surprise the hubs by having a couple of home improvement projects done when he got back. By enlisting the help of my brother and mother-in-law, our new light fixture got hung over our dining table and our master bathroom got beautifully painted. These projects had been hanging over husband's head for quite some time now, and he was very appreciative and relieved to see they had been taken care of while he was gone. Maybe...I deserve a wife award after pulling that off?

Now I'm off to go pat myself on the back and put my empty pizza boxes in the recycle bin.

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  1. Haha! You crack me up. "Then I watched the Bachelorette with no apologies." That's how I feel too.