.sisters reunited.

My sister moved to my neck of the woods!!!!!!

Y'all may not understand. She's my bestie. And we haven't lived close to each other in 7 years.

And I'm in love with her new home. Is it okay to be obsessed with it? Because I'm enthusiastically crazy about it.

I mean...right?!?!

For her first night in the new house, her husband couldn't be there, so my mom and I spent the night, girls'-only-slumber-party-style. No furniture had been delivered yet, so we slept on cots and an inflatable mattress.

So. Much. Fun.

Even though she's still 45 minutes away from my house, I'm ecstatic she's here. It doesn't seem real yet that we can actually hang out on a whim. No packing bags to visit, no going months without seeing each other. Sisters reunited.

^ That's my preggo sis. Also, that's her house. The one I'm all giddy over.

Hope she's cool with hosting all the family holidays and special events. Because I already signed her up for them.

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