Another Moving Date Bites the Dust

Yep, I should be typing this blog from the house, but I'm not. Thanks to the 6" of snow we got this past weekend, we are still in our apartment for another week...paying rent...and not moving. BUT! I am thankful we still have a place to live. And it's only a week. I never finished packing anyway, so it's probably a good thing the move didn't happen! Not to mention, I was sick as a dog this past weekend. Who knew I would be sicker than I've been in 6 years (Yes, I keep track of this stuff), and we would get more snow than any other Winter, ever, in the world, all on the weekend we were supposed to move!!!!

You know what, though? It's ok. Really, it is. Because in the meantime, I got to see my house completely covered in snow, watch my husband shovel the driveway of our first home, see our new carpet with my own eyes (not to mention, take a nap on it!), AND see our new honkin' beast of a fridge! Your guy may or may or not be a shopper, but I can promise you this: When it comes to buying the appliances for your first home, he WILL enjoy it, and he WILL make it his mission to get the biggest, baddest appliances he can. Well, at least mine did anyway. The fridge is a hoss. I'll just leave it at that. And leave you with these:

My snow-covered house!

My hubby working hard to shovel the snow!

"The Hoss"

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  1. Hi Martha,
    I just stumbled across your blog the other day and immediately was hooked after reading your "about me." It was crazy how much we had in common.

    P.S. Hope you are feeling better.