Ice Storms and Bedding

So it is sleeting and snowing outside, accumulating quickly, and we are moving in 2 days!!! Way to keep things, interesting, right? I'm looking at it as an adventure and not as a stressful situation! And that's the attitude I'll keep until I slip down on the ice as I'm carrying a stack of boxes out to the moving truck. ;-)

In home-improvement news, the new carpet got installed today! I haven't seen it in person yet, but Leslie got to check it out, and he made this picture with his phone:
I love it, love it, love it!!!!!

I'm dreaming big about decorations, and I'm actually considering something I never saw myself considering so soon: redecorating our guest bedroom. Right now, it is a Shabby Chic themed room, and don't get me wrong, anything Shabby Chic still has my heart! It is awfully "girly" though, and I would like to have a more gender-neutral guest bedroom. I'm picturing keeping the distressed white dresser, maybe adding in a white iron headboard or some other fabulous flea market headboard, and more modern bedding. I'm a little obsessed with the eclectic look right now, and it works perfectly for me since I'm torn between distressed, vintage and contemporary styles right now! I found this bedding at Target.com. Let me know what you think. I'm kinda loving the color and the brids and tree pattern!

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  1. I have this bedding at my parents house! It's wonderful. If you want to make it more masculine you could use the above comforter as a quilt folded at the foot of your bed (it's not as thick as you may like it to be) and use just a plain white duvet to sleep under. It'll still allow the pattern on the shams and comforter to really pop. Great choice - I think you should get it! ;)